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Welcome to my blog. I’m Kristin Nador, a writer whose taste for being published first showed its fangs in the seventh grade in Mrs. Canfield’s journalism class. My review of the television mini-series ‘Roots’ made it past all the hardened reporters of the eighth grade to be published in the Hixson Junior High newspaper. It also highlighted my future addiction to television and all things pop culture. When my contemporaries were requesting Atari games, Star Wars action figures and Saturday Night Fever soundtrack albums, I asked for a typewriter (and got one!).

I dabbled with writing short stories and bad love poetry in high school and college but life intervened and instead I found myself writing lists, checks, and lesson plans as a military wife and homeschool mother to three children. When I became an empty nester, I began to explore my passion for writing again.

Since then I’ve had a story published in a national magazine and had two short stories and a poem win prizes in writing contests. I’m currently working on my debut historical fiction, a contemporary suspense novella, and a non-fiction book. I served as the 2013 vice-president of Tulsa Night Writers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and am now a member of Kentuckiana Authors.

After enjoying small town living in Oklahoma for a total of 18 years, I recently moved to a charming small town in the bluegrass of Kentucky with my husband and Rei-Rei the cat, the real boss of the outfit.

kristin nador writes anywhere is part of my adventure to discover creativity through writing. I talk about social media, creativity, the writing journey, and occasional pop culture madness. Some of my non-writing interests include genealogy, cheesy sci-fi movies, minimalism, figuring out my grandma gig, beaches, cats, and sarcasm as an art form. I am a recovering pessimist.


photo courtesy liz mathews

If you’re new to my site, you might want to check out some my most popular posts:

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The schedule (ish):

I subscribe to the vision of the Slow Blogging movement. There’s enough noise in the blogosphere (one source claims 152 million current blogs!) so I want to make sure I don’t add to it. I try to be intentional about my posts. Therefore I may post for several days in a row, or once a week. When I have something I think is worth a reader taking time out of their day to read, I’ll serve it up fresh and hot. What I won’t do is clog your mailbox or RSS feed with rehashed or stale content, just because it’s time to post. Hopefully we can connect here by sharing ideas and encouragement, and all are mutually benefitted.

I try to post about creativity and the writing journey at least once a month. At least one post per month is devoted to Write Anywhere Adventures, a personal challenge I invite you to join as we discover the fuel for creativity by writing in new and unusual places.

Want to find me around the internet?


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Read some of my posts at Oklahoma Women Bloggers:

Sites where you can connect with me:

Want to send me your two cents in an email? I’d love to hear from you.

Contact me at kristin (dot) nador at live (dot) com.


My comment policy is simple. Feel free to share your opinions (that’s what keeps things interesting!), but keep it polite and clean. On-topic links are encouraged, random links just to get high on keyword ratings will be removed. If your comment meets the criteria and it doesn’t show up on the blog, try again and feel free to contact me – you may have inadvertently ended up in SpamLand. I reserve the right to delete, edit or display any post of my choosing because basically, it’s my playpen, but I hope we can all play nice and have fun.

All the photographs on this blog are taken by me, unless otherwise indicated.

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This is my personal blog, and its contents can be attributed to the over-abundance of cartoons I watched in the 1970s.

18 thoughts on “About Kristin

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  3. Carole

    Hey Kristin,

    I didn’t see a comment box to share on the main blog page about my top ten books/music if I survived the apocalypse and the other articles wrtten. I enjoyed the “define your audience” tips and yes, I did find value in this blog. I’m with Sunny Frazier’s posse and that’s how I heard about your blog. Glad I did. I’m writing a historically based time-travel adventure, set in Texas, 1845. It’s one of 6 books. Good luck on your novel. I’d love to hear more about it!

    Sincerely, Carole Avila


  4. Thanks for stopping by, Carole. I’m sorry you had trouble with the commenting platform. Make sure when you land on the home page that you click on the individual title of the post then at the end of the post the comment box should be up. It says ‘Tell us what you think!’ right above the box. I don’t require a CAPTCHA so that should not hinder you. Please let me know if you have any more trouble and I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog. Feel free to come back anytime. :)


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  12. Thanks for stopping by Joel! I can’t remember Mrs. Canfield’s first name, but she was a very encouraging teacher. Her husband was Coach Canfield, who coached the junior high football team at the same school.
    Thanks for following the breadcrumbs from Elizabeth’s site – her Writer’s Knowledge Base is chock full of great links for writers.


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