Write Anywhere #1

Writers write. What a novel idea. Sorry, I think bad puns are delicious, better than Robin’s Eggs malted milk balls, but not quite as good as Rocky Road ice cream.

As a writer, I struggle with procrastination and perfectionism on a regular basis. I want everything to be just so, the planets aligned and every piece of laundry folded in my house before I get to the business of actually WRITING. Can I get an amen? I thought it might be fun to explore different places to write, since theoretically, writers should be able to write anywhere. Pen and paper and you’re good to go. Would anyone like to join me? You can apply this idea to many other artistic pursuits like drawing, photography, etc. as long as your equipment is portable. So, on with the show!

Write Anywhere: Write at Home

Do you have an office, room, spot, or chair in your house where you write? A regular place that you let the Muse have free reign? Here is mine:

my little writing corner

Don’t let all the neatness fool you. Perfectionist Me just couldn’t let you see the flock of Post-It Notes that regularly nest on my table. Otherwise this is pretty accurate. This little spot is in the corner of my bedroom. After Artist Daughter has her wedding in July, I will be blessed to have an entire room for writing. Before I snagged this worktable, my spot was wherever in the house I could find quiet. In the comfort of my little corner, or maybe because of the comfort of my corner, I regularly struggle with distraction.

It seems we writers can easily get distracted at home because there are so many other things that legitimately vie for our time and can easily be excused for reasons not to focus on writing. You can spot some of the shiny pretties that tempt me in the picture here. Internet, telephone, Kindle, even the window. Television is a big one. “Uh, yeah, honey, I’m studying the subplots of  ‘Swamp People’. ” I’m working, yeah, that’s the ticket. Housework, bill-paying, cooking meals, conversations with family members and exercise machines are some others you can’t see that at times scream “Pay attention to me!” (Okay, I confess, if the exercise machine screams at me, I usually can’t hear it because I am too busy eating a Snickers.)

I am learning to overcome these distractions. Don’t answer the phone, turn off the internet, put on my writing hat. See it there on the table? When I’m wearing it, my family knows they better keep the conversation to themselves. It seems to be working fairly well, and it’s a good psychological cue for me.

Do you need some inspiration to find a writing spot?

Suzannah Freeman of Write It Sideways helps you create a writing space on a budget here

Poets and Writers magazine photo essay of writers’ writing spaces here.

TeacherWriter gives tips to create a writing space you’ll love here.

Find your writing space at home and WRITE. Because writers write.

Question: Where is your writing space at home? Post a photo on your blog and show us!

4 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #1

  1. Fantastic post. You’re completely right. I also find plenty of distraction when trying to sit down and write at home. I make my best progress when I’m sitting somewhere with coffee (and a table. My laptop’s nesting grounds happens to be my bed at home), something to eat, and WiFi (when I’m away from home, this weird miracle happens when I can actually use it for its reference tools).
    I love your little corner though. It looks very cozy. =]


    • Thanks Kit! The corner is cozy but sometimes hard to work with if hubby and I have different schedules, which we often do. I am getting kind of obsessive about the planning for my new office a.k.a. Artist Daughter’s former bedroom. Wanting to paint it the right color to promote creativity, the perfect furniture, researching Feng Shui placement, yeah, a little obsessive. But I’m also hoping it will cut down on distractions. Checked out your blog, like it a lot! Thanks for stopping by.


      • I suppose, in theory, the harder to work to make it yours, the more apt you’ll be to get your work done there. Again, in theory. =P Good luck! And thanks for checking out G&L!


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