Write Anywhere #2

Excited at the prospect of escaping the confines of my house after recovering from the MMA Anderson Silva version of pneumonia,  I ventured out of the house with my faithful companions Notebook and Pen to get some writing inspiration.

Write Anywhere #2: Public Library

The library, you say? That seems obvious. Sometimes the obvious needs a little promotion. Libraries have all the goodies any aspiring writer drools over: spacious tables waiting to be filled with books, papers and laptops; free WiFi, research librarians who get as excited for your research find as you are, a quiet atmosphere, and books! I like to walk through the shelves and imagine my baby WIP becoming an adult and joining the books on the shelves, waiting to be checked out by someone with that little golden ticket that takes them anywhere in the universe – a library card.

The Herman and Kate Kaiser Library in Tulsa, Oklahoma

This is one of the newer branches of Tulsa City-County Library system. I think I will eventually visit each one to discover each one’s unique vibe. Libraries offer inspiration beyond books. They are one of the great places where people from all strata of society congregate. If you frequent libraries on a regular basis, you will see a number of “regulars” just like your favorite coffee shop or burger joint.  Be careful, or you’ll be making friends and talking instead of writing. People watching can give your mind all kinds of those sparkly things called IDEAS. Make sure Notebook and Pen are ready at this point.

great area of the library to let your mind breathe

The library is also the place to be to shake off the books-are-the-new-dinosaurs blues. People still reading, despite the gloomy predictions and the end of the publishing world as we know it declarations. They read books, newspapers and magazines here. They also download e-books and skim their favorite blogs online. Children fill book bags, get their summer reading program flyers stamped, and read books aloud to one another. They’re learning early that books can transport, empower, inspire, break your heart and make you smile.

Watched a preschooler interacting with her mother in the stacks across from me:

“Mommy…mommy…MOMMY…I like this book (flipping pages, her smile getting bigger at each turn. Then she slammed the book shut and squeezed it tight.) “Mommy, I love this book…Mommy, Mommy, I love you. SQUEEE!!”

I love baby laughter, the purest form of joy on this planet.

That makes me excited about writing. Excited to share in that bond between writer and reader. Think I’ll sit down in one of these comfy chairs and do that writing thing.

Question: Have you done any writing at your local library? What were the pros and cons? Too many distractions?

5 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #2

  1. I haven’t been to that branch yet, but it looks pretty cool! When you go to Central, you can people-watch all the homeless folks, lol!

    I’m glad you are feeling better and have escaped the house…sorry I’ve been so terrible about commenting, but I’m trying to get this WIP wrapped up by the end of the month. Oy vey…

    Have a good one!


  2. Thanks for the comment and don’t worry that you haven’t before now. I appreciate your support! Your WIP is the priority, though. Besides, I don’t want to be known as the distraction that stopped the best fantasy written in the last decade to be delayed being published and adapted to film! 😉 And I’m not being sarcastic about the best fantasy part. You are doing awesome! Keep writing, you can do it!


    • hahahahaha, I don’t know about the best fantasy part, LOL! But thank you for the support – it’s kind of been needed this week. For some reason I feel like this thing is one giant stinking piece of poo at the moment….

      When are you going to post more work to the comm? *waggles eyebrows*


  3. Guess I better stop being entranced with the blogosphere and WRITE! heh Maybe I could post some more short stories, a la Peep. Actually focusing a lot of research and note-taking, learning a lot, and learning there is a lot I am going to have to change in my WIP to make it accurate. Yikes. Writing is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you different. 😉


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