Start Your Week Off Write – Blogging Help From Social Media Guru Kristen Lamb

Being a brand-new blogger, I’m on the hunt for great resources to help me learn to build an excellent blog. I’ll feature several resources/blogs over the next few Mondays that have expanded my blogging horizons. If you want to get great blogging tips specifically for writers, stayed tuned!

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For eight months I thought about starting a blog. Still, I wouldn’t commit, well, basically because of the word COMMIT. Blogging meant being committed to a time frame, a deadline and having others read my thoughts. (Wait a minute, isn’t that the definition of a writer? Duh.) Inserting myself into a medium in which I had no expertise and experience scared the SEO right out of me . Something could happen. Something could go wrong. Perfectionist Me said “No way! What if someone caught you doing the blogging equivalent of wiping your snotty nose on your sleeve?” So I gave in to Perfectionist Me, pouted and lurked on all the expert blogs to see if I could find the golden ticket to conquering my technostress.

Then I discovered this peppy blonde from the Big D who wanted to help social media-challenged individuals like myself. I started following her blog, and liked what I read. Plus since we both have the same first name (different spelling, mind you), I knew it was a sign from the social media gods – follow/friend/stalk this woman, she knows her stuff! Kristen Lamb declared it was possible for writers to wrangle social media and have FUN blogging. After reading her blog for a couple months, I bought her book We Are Not Alone: A Writer’s Guide to Social Media.

With humor and easy-to-understand language, even a newbie like me could learn about social media, digital community and branding with Kristen’s help. The encouragement from We Are Not Alone helped me get more involved on Facebook and brave the social media whitewater rapids that is Twitter.

I took the final step in the social media triumvirate and started a blog at the end of May. I’ve been posting in fits and spurts, but was still uncertain about my blogging vision, and whether I would survive the blogosphere.

At just the right moment, it’s Kristen Lamb to the rescue again (cue theme music from Superman) and her new book Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer. I bought it immediately. Some advice from Are You There Blog I’ve been able to apply:

  • Use your name in your blog title – as a fiction writer you are your brand
  • Take the time to comment on other blogs in a meaningful and conversational way
  • Work on banishing Crappy Excuse Trolls and Procrastination Pixies from my blog kingdom
  • It’s okay to write about different stuff, just do it on different days

Thanks to Kristen’s advice, here’s the introduction of my blog schedule (gulping down the commitment intimidation bile):

Mondays – Start the Week Off Write – all things writing and blogging

Tuesdays – Pop Café – discussing film/television/pop culture

Wednesdays – The Healthy Creative – be your best physical, emotional and mental self!

Thursdays – Time Machine – Indulging my interest in history and genealogy

Fridays – Write Anywhere Venues – Discover new places to write!

Sundays – Devoted to Cats – a little silliness

Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer is a quick read; funny and informative. I recommend it highly if you are new to blogging or maybe your passion for blogging has lagged. And if you haven’t met Kristen yet, check out her blog. Here’s a sampling of blog posts. They’re the bloggiest!

10 Tips for Blogging Awesomeness – Blog Housekeeping 

Give A Dry Blog New Life – The Power of Themes

One of The Best Ways To Build Our Platform – Be A Blogger Booster

And if you think I’m going overboard on this Kristen Lamb thing, you don’t have to take my word for it. (Sorry for stealing your line LeVar Burton. Not really.)

Clay over at EduClaytion has 5 Reasons Kristen Lamb Rocks

Lisa Kilian tells us why we should listen to what Kristen Lamb has to say.

So, everyone get to blogging! And…let’s be careful out there.

Question: Where do you get advice on blogging? Tell us your secret sauce recipe!

5 thoughts on “Start Your Week Off Write – Blogging Help From Social Media Guru Kristen Lamb

  1. I’m a blogging newbie, so this post has made me feel a LOT better about my trepidations and anxieties about writing. I’ve been so worried about posting things that are silly, nonsensical, and useless that it’s held me back from writing much of anything. But it is heartening to see that you are declaring a bit of a schedule for yourself, and taking the plunge to get out there! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 😀


    • Thanks for your comment, Jamila. Putting yourself out there, whether it’s blogging or some other creative form, is scary. What’s cool about the blogging community is there is so much support and shared brainstorming, we can feel a little ‘safer’ as we get our training wheels on. I checked out your blog and subscribed! You definitely have established a solid theme, keep on keeping on, and stop by anytime. 🙂


  2. Right on Kristin, thanks 🙂 The schedule topic look good. I like the pop culture and history days especially. And if you can pump out that much content then you’ll be a solid blogger.


    • Thanks, Clay. Pop culture, trivia and history are my faves as well. My kids look at it differently. They think I know a whole lot about nothing significant. But they do call me every time they are stumped on a music trivia question, and I am always right.


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