Start Your Week Off Write: Bloggers Who Make You Go “Hmmm…”


Welcome to Monday’s Start Your Week Off Write, with a focus on writing and blogging. I love discovering all the resources on the internet for writers/bloggers. There is a plethora of blogs on craft, blogging, social media, publishing, etc. You can find ‘best of lists’ o’ plenty, tweets twittering about everything from getting more traffic to your blog to writing great headlines to how to write more interesting characters to writing killer query letters.

And then there are the blogs that make you go “Hmmm…”

‘Hmmm’ as in you are forced to look at the way you look at myself. ‘Hmmm’ as in being honest with your motives and why you write in the first place. ‘Hmmm’ as in being provoked to take the things you should be taking serious more seriously and taking the things you shouldn’t take so seriously, well, so seriously. Mainly yourself.

These blogs all have a distinct voice. They make me laugh (mostly at myself and my own pretentiousness), they make me think, and they make me take action. I enjoy them, I hope you will, too.

Jeff Goins, Writer

Jeff writes provocative blog posts. What blogger would dare write Why You Need To Stop Blogging and Regain Your Writing Soul? Jeff writes about writing, inspiration and productivity. He is like the grit in an oyster, so irritating (to your own ego), but helping to shape you into the writer you can really be if you make the hard choices. Jeff has written a wonderful e-book called The Writer’s Manifesto. I’ve read it several times. Get it, your ego might be sorry, but your writing won’t.

Some of Jeff’s posts that have impacted me:

Terrible Minds

If you haven’t yet encountered Chuck Wendig, and his Terrible Minds blog, prepare yourself. He is the Shock and Awe in the blogging world of writers. His posts are hilarious, extremely profane, but always full of writing truth (other truth, not so sure). 250 Things You Should Know About Writing is available as an e-book.

Read a few of Chuck’s posts, if you dare. I loved these:

Deep Existence

Stephen Guise and his Deep Existence blog is one I have only recently discovered. I love that Stephen’s not afraid to share his trials and tribulations while giving big doses of encouragement and kick-in-the pants motivation to his readers. Check out some of these posts:

Procrastinating Writers

Jennifer Blanchard at Procrastinating Writers is where I turn for help with refuse-to-put-butt-in-chair-itis, which I suffer from on a regular basis. (That’s why I am writing this blog post at 12:43 am on Monday morning, when I knew what I was going to write five days ago.) Jennifer empathizes with your procrastinating ways, then gives you the prescription to conquer it. Here are a few posts that have helped me:

Question: Do you have a favorite blog that makes you go “Hmmm…” on a regular basis?

Swing by the Pop Café tomorrow, where we’ll be talking cowboys and aliens!

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