Healthy Writer Wednesday: The Secret Weapon of Support

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I’ve completed a two week streak of exercise. I walk one mile, do twenty minutes of yoga and a few weight-training exercises daily. Now, that might not sound like much to most people, but when you have chronic pain and back issues, it’s pretty good. Until yesterday. I missed it all. But I got back on the horse and did it all today. I’ve been more motivated this time. Maybe because this is the fourteenth or fifteenth attempt at consistent exercise. In the past that snippy little alter ego Perfectionist Me has talked me into giving up when I couldn’t keep on schedule. This time I’ll keep working my plan, ever if I have a falter or two. What’s different? I have a support system.

Hubby and I are both working on rehabbing our middle-aged bodies. It helps to have someone to cheer you on or kick you in the pants and can relate to your struggles, whether its getting motivated to get off your patootie and move or choose to eat some grapes instead of a frozen fudge pop.

We all need a little support now and again when we’re working towards goals. We are motivated in different ways. Some of us just need to think about what we want to do and DO IT. Some of us need a cheerleader. Some of us need knowledge. Some like to use gadgets, lists and trackers. Money is also a good motivator when you have to spend some and get your money’s worth. Some of us need accountability.

What is your support system personality and how can you use diet and fitness resources to your advantage?


You do best when you interact with another person. Having someone to discuss your goals, instruct and encourage you and understand what you’re going through help keep you on track.

Some good choices for you might be:

  • Personal trainer
  • Hire a nutritionist
  • Join a gym
  • Recruit your spouse or a friend to join you in your goals
  • Join a support group (a la Weight Watchers) or start your own
  • Take a class


You like to share with others, but you’re not big on the in person part. Maybe you’re an introvert that shines through the written word. (I think they call those folks WRITERS)

Social Media might be the perfect way to get your health and fitness support met.

  • Tweet your daily progress, search for groups using hashtags like #fitness and #weightloss. (Just watch out for marketing ploys, they use Twitter, too.)
  • Facebook also offers groups devoted to health and fitness support. Writers on the Move is an open group on Facebook devoted to mutual support for writers who have to work against their traditionally sedentary lifestyle. When you get motivated as a group, the push forward increases exponentially. Al Pacino gives you the idea here:


You are motivated by getting knowledge from the experts. Your best bets:

  • reading books, articles and watching instructional videos and putting what you learn into practice. There is an entire sea of health and fitness books and websites to meet your specific needs. Here are some of the ones I’ve liked:

    image, wikimedia commons


Julia Cameron’s The Writing Diet

Look Great, Feel Great from Joyce Meyer

Food For Thought – daily meditations using the principles of Overeaters Anonymous

Press Pause Before You Eat by Dr. Linda Mintle

Yogatic YouTube Channel


And here’s the secret weapon of support:


Here’s my favorite resource for using all the support personalities:

This is the best site I have found for help with health and fitness goals. If you like social media support, you can have your own ‘page’, a blog you can make personal or public to share your journey, ‘friend’ others and join groups that share your interests (writers, for example). They offer lots of articles on health, nutrition and fitness, online exercise videos and founder Chris Downie has written a book The Spark that gives inspiration and motivation to make your goals reality. They have nutrition, fitness, water intake and goal trackers for those of you who like to use gadget-y things. They even have groups that meet in person and Spark Rallies in cities across the country. But here’s the most important thing: IT’S FREE! I have yet to find anything that can complete with this site. They are on a mission to make America healthy. I hope you’ll check it out.

Question: What type of support works best for you to help you meet your health and fitness goals?

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