Pop Cafe Tuesday: “Like ME Better!” Dueling Fads

image, "Battle of the Trilobites", Mantell, public domain

Are you on Google+? Do you like it better than Facebook? That seems to be the question scorching the blogosphere lately. Google+ vs. Facebook. It used to be MySpace vs. Facebook. It got me thinking how interesting it is that something or someone who’s popular always has to have some kind of nemesis. What would Superman be without Lex Luthor? Do we want our choice to be better because we want to be the cool kid, or we want to be able to say ‘my kung fu is stronger than your kung fu’? Not sure what the psychological significance is, but it got me remembering…

The Battle of the Fad Feuds

Do you remember any of these ‘versus’?

  • Donny vs. David (my cousin and I used to argue over this)
  • Marcia vs. Jan
  • Which haircut: Dorothy Hamill or Farrah Fawcett?
  • Vans vs. Topsiders
  • Scrunch socks vs. leg warmers

    Paris and Lindsey, can't you just be BFFs?

  • Adidas vs. Nike
  • Which Corey was cuter?
  • Whopper vs. Big Mac
  • Which girl for Zach? Jessie or Kelly?
  • Back Street Boys vs. N’Sync
  • Brittney vs. Christina
  •  Paris vs. Lindsey (that’s a fail-fail for me)

Okay, so this list is a little girly. For you guys, here are two I recall:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd (I grew up on Saturday night Wrestling at the Chase. Figure four leg lock!)

Hope you’ll share any fad feuds from back in the day that you remember!

Question: What are your thoughts on Google+ vs. Facebook? Will it become a fad feud?

2 thoughts on “Pop Cafe Tuesday: “Like ME Better!” Dueling Fads

  1. I still don’t know enough about Google+ to make a comparison, but I did want to add a few to your list. Traditional vs. e-publishing (this one seems to be particularly polarizing), Pepsi vs. Coke, Mac vs. Microsoft, the never-ending rhetoric of the Republicans vs. the Democrats, and since the Cowboys have more than one nemesis, the Redskins vs. the Cowboys.
    Great post!


  2. Thanks Diana! Those are all good ones. I am thinking of that Pepsi vs. Coke deliveryman commercial, perfect analogy for all these. I forgot about the obvious political one, I think I was subconsciously trying to escape the inevitable, but who can? lol Thanks for stopping by!


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