Healthy Writer Wednesday: Are Writers Susceptible To Vitamin D Deficiency?

sunshine, good for all that ails ya

Take your vitamins. That’s what we’re told to do to stay healthy. Even if we’re taking our vitamins and eating a healthy diet, as writers we may be neglecting one very important nutrient. It’s the one that comes from somewhere besides a bottle.

Vitamin D is a nutrient whose importance is getting more attention. Vitamin D is known for promoting bone health, but it has also been recently linked to cardiovascular, reproductive and mental health. Lack of vitamin D can cause osteoporosis and several other unpleasant things.

Why would writers lack vitamin D? Writers generally spend a lot of their working time indoors and we metabolize vitamin D naturally through our skin from ultraviolet sunlight. Some of us only get the rays of the computer screen reflecting off our faces throughout the day.

There’s an easy way to get your vitamin D. Sunshine is the #1 way for the body to absorb this nutrient. Ten minutes a day in the non-peak hours to avoid the harsher rays (before 11 am and after 3 pm), and we can get a good dose of vitamin D. High exposure to ultraviolet sunlight can cause skin cancer so more is not necessarily better.

If you think you may be vitamin D deficient don’t take vitamin D in pill form without checking with your doctor first. They can check with a blood test to determine whether you need supplementation.

Want more information about Vitamin D? Check out these links:

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Now you have a good excuse to take your laptop and cup of coffee outside in the morning and catch a few rays while you’re working on the Great American Novel.

Question: Are you a cave-dweller, avoiding sunlight at all costs, or do you enjoy the outdoors? What is your favorite outdoor activity to catch a few rays?

6 thoughts on “Healthy Writer Wednesday: Are Writers Susceptible To Vitamin D Deficiency?

  1. I live in Arizona where the summer temps can get over 115, so I tend to stay indoors in the summer. It wasn’t until last year that I found out I was vitamin D deficient. Now I take supplements make sure I spend a few minutes outside everyday. I was amazed when I learned how many problems a Vitamin D deficiency can cause.


    • I was just recently diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency which is what got me interested in the subject. The extreme heat has kept me indoors this summer, too. I’m relieved that the symptoms I’m experiencing can be reversed with some cod liver oil and sunshine, but I wish I would have been more preventative about it. I have no excuse now, making time for getting outdoors is doctor prescribed! 🙂


  2. I grew up in a place with lots and lots of fog, so I spent most of my time indoors. When I moved to southern California and found an apartment with a deck, everything changed. I’ve started to do my work outdoors, working by pen and paper when there’s too much of a glare to use my laptop, and bringing the computer out once there’s a bit of shade. It’s done a lot for my psyche as well — makes me more happier and more relaxed. Of course, I always make sure to wear sunscreen!

    A good friend of mine was working night shift as a nurse for months, and ended up with vitamin D deficiency. She was shocked when the doctor prescribed “sun therapy” for her. She started taking hikes and sunning herself on a regular basis, and she recovered. Amazing what going outside can accomplish.


  3. Jamila, your deck space sounds lovely! I have a patio that needs a lot of TLC and gets hot as Hades most of the sunny season here in OK. I’d love to make it into a sunporch to keep the sun but get rid of the heat with some AC! 🙂


  4. Hi Kristin,
    What an informative topic. I know where you are coming from on the oppressive heat, it’s been hot here too this summer! That said…fall will soon be here and when I am outside I either take a novel to read, or if I am brainstorming…a spiral notebook and an iPod for working on ideas for great American novel. It’s good to hear that Vitamin D deficiency can be reversed 🙂

    Also, thank you so much for the nice comment you left on my blog this morning 🙂


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