Start Your Week Off Write: How Committed Are You To Your Writing?

I watched Frontline on PBS (LOVE PBS, btw) several months back, and discovered a fascinating artist from China named Ai Weiwei. Here’s one of his pieces:

image,Ai Weiwei, map of China, 2003

His art blends the past and present of China. The Chinese government doesn’t like some of the themes in Ai’s art, which focus on what he calls fakery versus authenticity:

image, Ai Weiwei, Study in Perspective series

Ai also had a blog where he shared some of his thoughts. Then he moved to Twitter when his internet voice was censored. Ai has paid the price for his art and writings:

image, Ai Weiwei, Munich

Ai didn’t have to do this. He had a comfortable life in New York City, but chose to go back to China.

Links to more info about Ai Weiwei:

PBS Frontline, Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei?

Ai Weiwei, Imprisoned But Not Silenced from the Los Angeles Times

Follow Ai Weiwei on Twitter here

Ai Weiwei has passion for his art. But he has something extra. He is COMMITTED.

Passion = enthusiasm, emotional response, desire, zeal, eagerness, fervor

Commitment = dedication, responsibility, faithfulness, unwavering, loyal, hard-core

I think sometimes we use these terms interchangeably with writing. Passion is more of the feelings side of writing. It feels great to create, get a good idea, come up with a clever twist, have others tell us how good our writing is, etc.

Commitment is a decision. Emotions don’t get to vote there. You do it when there’s no lightning strike, when there’s no parade of inspiration or admirers, when it’s not going well, it’s unprofitable, or even downright dangerous.

It’s possible to have passion without commitment with your writing, and that’s when you can flounder. We may have warm fuzzies and write as the muse strikes us, but when you don’t FEEL like it, are you going to write anyway?

How committed are you to your writing? Yes, you’re passionate. You’re excited about opportunities to create, to share your journey with other writers, to learn more about the craft. But are you committed?

Need to up your commitment quotient? Check out these links:

Check out this short video Write, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It:

Question: What is your dominant writer type – passionate or committed? What steps are you taking to get more balance in each area?

5 thoughts on “Start Your Week Off Write: How Committed Are You To Your Writing?

    • Yes, and at least for me, my motivation slips when I let all the doubt thoughts make themselves at home in my mind: ‘You won’t finish this’ ‘You really think you can write?’ ‘Who would want to read this?’ etc. Fortifying your purpose in writing is the key, I think, then the emotions and second-guessing don’t have the power they have otherwise.


  1. I was thinking of what Stephen King said…(paraphrased) basically, if you don’t take care of your muse, they leave. Something to think about;)


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