Healthy Writer Wednesday: The Search For Healthy Eats On The Road

I’m still on the road. I’m having a great time visiting with Musician Daughter, Musician-in-Law and Destined-To-Become-A-Musician Grandson. Tomorrow I’ll end my visit in a very small town in the Midwest and head for bright lights of the big city. I’ll be doing book research for two or three days. The only drawback to my adventure has been my eating habits. A couple days they looked like this:

This place was featured on The Food Network for a good reason-yum!

The rest of the time my eating habits looked like this:

Too much fried is not good for the soul...ugh

So now that I’ll be traveling to a new place I need to get a new food plan. That’s where you come in. Got any good tips for eating healthy while traveling? What are good snacking foods to take along in the car? I have a small cooler with me – I want to fill it with things that are:

  • healthy
  • portable
  • not messy


Question: What healthy foods do you take on a road trip? Do you ignore the food police and just indulge when you’re traveling?

5 thoughts on “Healthy Writer Wednesday: The Search For Healthy Eats On The Road

  1. Fruit, soup or salads with dressing on the side is what I usually order when traveling. I can’t claim willpower. With the exception of fried chicken, I don’t like fried foods or foods with faces. I’m pretty sure that’s Unamerican and it’s definitely unsouthern. In my defense, I do indulge the occasional craving for grilled cheese–processed American cheese & white bread. No nutritional value there!


    • Grilled cheese is one of my favorites, has to be with Campbell’s tomato soup, though. It’s a childhood thing, I think. 🙂 I’ve been trying to order fruit or vegetable salads but found most of the places I’ve visited have less than fresh ingredients. 😦 Hoping a change of scenery will include more local freshness.


  2. I follow a food plan for a variety of health reasons, and I stick with my plan as closely as possible while travel. This means cooking and packing food, getting hotel rooms with a kitchenette (or at least a little refrigerator), and not enjoying some of the foods typical of regions. I wrote about this when I went to Israel this year. Here’s the first of two posts I wrote on the subject:

    I know that what I do is more than what most people want to do, but for me it works! I find this a fine topic for writers!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing


    • I loved your posts about eating on your trip to Israel, Judy! What an adventure! You are very disciplined with your eating – something I really need to work on. I’d like to try eating gluten-free, I think I may have a little wheat intolerance but have never really done anything about it. You inspire me to work on it! 🙂


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