Healthy Writer Wednesday: Digital Sabbatical for Better Health

unplug and relax for a moment

I’m getting back in the routine of daily life after my wonderful trip to meet my grandson and do some book research. I wasn’t able to post here for my regular Friday and Monday schedule because of unreliable internet connections. No email, no blog, no Facebook and no Twitter. I felt a bit anxious about it the first day, but after that I decided there was nothing I could do about it, and discovered I felt a bit more relaxed not needing to check, read or post. It was an accidental digital sabbatical, but it helped me focus more on what I was doing and who I was spending time with. It was kind of nice.

I think I might schedule some purposeful down time from the digital world on a regular basis. In an article from the Aurora Sentinel, Marcelle Pick, author of Are You Tired And Wired? says:

“Because we’re always so plugged in, always on the computer late into the night, on our iPhones, our iPads, our BlackBerrys, we never relax …”

Read the entire article here.

Here are some more links about digital sabbaticals and the connection to better health:

Question: Have you taken a digital sabbatical? Could you do it? How do you do think it could benefit you?



9 thoughts on “Healthy Writer Wednesday: Digital Sabbatical for Better Health

  1. Welcome back to the digital world!

    I crave digital sabbaticals, but it often comes paired with the jittery nerves of Not Knowing What Is Going On (but then you log in and realized Nothing Is Going On…)


    • Hey there! Yes, it’s amazing how we think we’re going to miss something if we back off the social media. I can’t recall a single time I missed some big happening online and regretted not seeing it ‘stream live’. Twitter soldiered on without me. How they managed I’ll never know. 😉 I did miss my blogging friends, though. They are all such an encouragement and the bestest! (I love that grammatically incorrect word!) 🙂


  2. A new grandson? What a perfect reason to unplug for a few days! Congrats! As for digital sabbaticals… I occasionally travel overseas with a medical missions team (I blog the stories and results of the med clinics as part of my job for my employer). These trips give me a chance to unplug except for blogging quickly at night. It is refreshing to not be on my smartphone or email for a week. I think it’s a great idea to unplug once in a while, even if just for a few hours.


    • He is my first grandchild so it was a great reason to take a digital break, even though I have to admit if I wasn’t forced off the internet by no service, I probably would still have found some time to get on. It was a good opportunity to think purposefully about the things going on in my life, and the relationships that are the most important. Plus I was very excited I still remembered how to diaper a baby. 😉


  3. I keep the TV turned off as much as possible and I deliberately don’t have internet connection on my cell phone. I’m not as good when it comes to turning off my computer, but overall I think I keep a pretty good balance. Even so, a sabbatical would be nice.


  4. I’ve been trying to take a break from digital life every few weeks or so. I find that I spend the first day or so feeling really twitchy and nervous, like I just HAVE to check my email or flip through my phone, but after a bit, the cravings go away and I can be a normal, chilled out person. I read books, I write by hand, I talk to people, and it’s all really lovely.


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  7. Hi Kristin! *Waves*
    It pleased me to no end to see you enjoying your family and taking that digital sabbatical, and this is why I nominated you for the “Liebster Award”! See my blog for details and Congratulations! 🙂


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