Healthy Writer Wednesday: Get Healthy from Your Chair

This week I’ve been doing my best imitation of Goldilocks. All the seating apparatus in my house is too hard, too soft, too sunken, too broken down, too small or so large they swallow me up and I can’t escape them when I try to get up. Save one. My lovely office chair that I inherited when Keeper Hubby got one he liked better. It’s a nice black leather chair with all the adjustable do-hickies on it.

my first beta reader in my lovely chair

It’s the most comfortable thing in my house. Only problem is, I sit in it too much. I sit in it when I read, when I study and when I pray. I sit in it when I check my FB or Twitter. I sit in it when I make phone calls or pay bills. I sit there when I’m mad at the world. I sit there to write and I sit there to think. Hey, this reminds me of a book I read once…

"Would you like them here or there?"

Since I spend so much time in my chair, I thought my chair and I should do some things to help me stay fit. After a little searching, I found some things to do in a chair to keep my fitness level up. I thought I’d share them with you:

Hey, wait a minute, did she tell me to get rid of my beloved chair? That’s not the point…how about this one?

Ah, chair and I are so relaxed. What about some tai chi?

Very graceful. Chair and I are centered. But we need to get our blood pumping.

How could you not tap your toes to that? I think that did the trick.

Chair and I did decided we won’t do this. You probably shouldn’t either.

Question: Challenge yourself and do one of these chair exercises. Post in the comments which one you did and if you liked it.

2 thoughts on “Healthy Writer Wednesday: Get Healthy from Your Chair

  1. I SO need a new chair at my desk. Yes, I do sit in it a lot, but the amount of time my rear end tolerates in this chair is shrinking (unlike my rear end). Hey, I’m also trying to drop some tonnage. Maybe I’ll just tilt the computer screen so I can see it standing up and do jog in place while I write.


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