Wellness Wednesday: Creative Drinking

'Tea', Mary Cassatt, 1879, public domain

It’s that time of year when nights get a bit cooler and a warm beverage hits the spot. What’s your favorite fall drink? Hot apple cider? Hot cocoa with whipped cream? Eggnog? One of my favorites is herbal tea. With a cup of tea, some Mozart and my writing hat I’m ready to heat up the keyboard. Hot tea is my drink of choice when I’m feeling creative. What are the healthiest things to sip when you want to tap into your creativity?

green tea, Creative Commons

Green Tea

Besides a dose of caffeine (30 -60 mg per 8 oz.) green tea contains anti-cancer polyphenols and studies state it may help lower LDL cholesterol and inhibit blood clots.

pomegranate, Creative Commons

Pomegranate Juice

Many studies show pomegranates have numerous health benefits including anti-cancer properties, lowering blood pressure and slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Hot chocolate with chocolate shavings, Creative Commons

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate contains the chemical serotonin, a mood booster, as well as the cancer fighting polyphenols. The yum-factor can’t hurt either.

Had to get my cat reference in somehow...Currier and Ives, Library of Congress

Red Wine

Sipping a glass of wine does more than relax. With the super health powers of both flavonoids and resveratrol, wine has been documented to help raise good cholesterol, keep plaque from building up in the arteries, and inhibit tumor growth. The trick is moderation. One glass of wine per day for women and two for men should be the limit. More than that and the health negatives go up. You should completely avoid wine if you suffer from alcoholism, high triglycerides, and breast cancer. Red wine has also been found to be a major trigger of migraines.

a small cup of coffee, Creative Commons


The best friend of many creative types around the globe, coffee has been on both sides of the fence when it comes to health benefits. Studies have now shown coffee, again in moderation, maybe a preventative for type 2 diabetes, and may fight off heart disease and stroke risk factors. On the negative side, it can raise blood pressure, cause frequent urination since caffeine is a mild diuretic and agitate symptoms in people with anxiety.

image courtesy Eubulides, Creative Commons


There’s always the choice of plain old H2O. Since your brain is 90% water, it’s important to keep it hydrated for maximum creative output.

What drink do you like to keep by your side when you are working on creative pursuits?


10 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Creative Drinking

    • Thanks for stopping by Colline! Musician-in-Law loves rooibos tea and first introduced me to it. It has a very satisfying taste, no need to add sugar or other accoutrements. Now that I’m thinking about it, I might have to head over to the tea shop near me and endulge. 🙂
      I checked out your blog – lovely, clean layout and full of great health info. I put it in my Google Reader. Thanks again for stopping by, come back anytime!


  1. I love coffee, a medium roast, but really, really strong, no added flavors, with about a tablesponn of milk. It also has to be Gevalia, Sam’s Member Mark, Sprouts Kona or Dunkin Donuts. It’s the only thing I’m reallly picky about, but life is too short to drink bad coffee.


    • I personally don’t care for coffee, but I think a lot of coffee lovers have specific tastes when it comes to their coffee. Keeper Hubby is a Dunkin Donuts man, medium roast, whole bean to grind it fresh, with EXACTLY 2 tablespoons creamer and 2 tablespoons sugar. If anything is off, he can tell right away and is disappointed. Musician Daughter used to work at Starbucks and she said lots of customers had a very specific way they wanted their drink, and if it wasn’t right, which they could tell with one sip, they wouldn’t settle for less. “Life is too short to drink bad coffee.” I like that, you should make it into a t-shirt. 😉


  2. Okay, I have to be honest, I love liquids. I have to be careful because I will fill up on liquid and not feel like eating. I start five mornings out of seven with two cups of green tea followed by a yogurt smoothie followed by more tea (black, flavored or herbal, preferrably loose rather than bagged). I usually have another cup or two of hot tea some time in midafternoon. I will often have a cup of hot cocoa on chilly days. I try to restrict my coffee intake a bit, but I enjoy at good latte at least twice a week. I drink orange juice and cranberry juice almost every day and pomegranate juice, apple juice, and grape juice on occasion. I love a good glass of wine but prefer sparkling to red or white. A hot toddy hits the spot when I feel a cold coming on. And, I make killer chocolate martinis for that special indulgence. I tend to sip on water all day long usually drinking at least 4 16-ounce glasses… Like I said, I love liquids. 🙂


  3. I love to work while listening to Mozart, too! Or piddle around whlile listening to Mozart. Or do nothing while listening to Mozart. My favorite beverage is coffee with milk, but close behind is tea, Coke Zero and most anything wet. I drink water while working though, because I’m such a klutz and water doesn’t stain.


    • It’s funny, Jackie, I never really listened to classical music when I was growing up but I began listening to it when my children were small to expose them to different kinds of music. Now I find it really helps me when I want to write, as silence is too loud, but songs with lyrics, television and other noise distract me as well.


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