Write Anywhere #14

The air was chilly this morning after our first frost of the season. I had to bundle up to take my walk on a local gravel path. I’ve worked my way up to three miles at a time, and I wasn’t going to let the cold steal my streak. Once I got out there it stole my breath away. Brrr! I took a mid-mile break at a picnic bench to get in some Morning Pages.

Write Anywhere #14: Under A Tree

Why are there never trees I walk under
But large and melodious thoughts descend upon me?
-Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, 1892

The abrupt weather change had the red-tailed squirrels scurrying from tree to tree looking for the last pecans to store away. A western bluebird stood out among the yellowing leaves swaying above me. I scribbled in my little pocket notebook and came up with the outline for a short story to enter in a local contest. The story had nothing to do with squirrels, bluebirds or trees, but it was a refreshing place to get a new idea.

Where did you write this week?

Question: When the weather turns cold, do you try to tough it out for a while or turn your heat on right away?

4 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #14

  1. I’m a sissy and always mean to turn my heat on immediately. However, I usually forget that I had the unit turned off last spring and have to be cold for a couple of days until I get the AC/Heat man out. That’s what I’m doing now…waiting and cold…


  2. One of the authors who attended a writers meeting last night talked about not being able to write at the hospital last week. Her husband was hospitalized for a procedure. She had her iPad and wanted to write during several hours of waiting. Unfortunately her creative muse wasn’t feeling the same way. Those of us in attendance assured her it was likely the stress of the situation, as many of us have been in similar circumstances. The silver lining to this is the story she told about the things she observed during the two days at the hospital. As we listened, each of us came to the same conclusion. The events she experienced were worth of writing about. Maybe it’s the old thing of not realizing the importance of the significant events in our lives while we are experiencing them. We all encouraged her to write what she shared with us and look forward to hearing it with her usual creative flair in the near future.


    • Joe, This is so true. I’ve had it happen to me. But the memory is always there and available to us when we choose to draw upon that experience. In a writer’s life, nothing is lost.


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