Wellness Wednesday: 7 Reasons To Detox from Sugar

It’s Day 25 since I broke it off with sugar. Yes, I loved sugar. I loved sugar a lot. My friends and family said sugar and I were doing okay, but more and more I’ve felt that my relationship with sugar just wasn’t in my best interest. I tried a couple of times to say goodbye, but I always went back after a few days. This time it was different. I finally had enough. Waking up with that nauseous and shaky feeling, knowing that sugar had this intoxicating hold over me was too much. I had to draw the line. So I gave up sugar.

At first I didn’t like it at all. Everyone seemed to rub it in my face that sugar and I weren’t together anymore. Then the cravings hit. I wanted it so bad! It was hard, but I held my ground. At about the 10 day mark, the anxiety I felt over breaking up with sugar lifted. I could see a ray of hope ahead.

Need some reasons to break up with sugar (or at least try a trial separation)?

  1. Give your liver a break. Your liver has to work extra hard when excess sugar drives fats into the liver.
  2. Lose weight.
  3. Help prevent pre-diabetes/metabolic syndrome/high blood pressure/high cholesterol. Take your pick.
  4. Get younger-looking skin.
  5. Save money on all that soda you buy. 
  6. Build up your self-discipline and self-esteem at the same time.
  7. You ate all the ‘leftover Halloween candy’ and you feel really gross.

I barely think about sugar anymore. That co-dependent relationship is all in the past. I know I picked the worst time to end it, with our favorite holiday right in the middle of it and all. We loved spending time together on Halloween. But I’m moving on to better things.

This week I broke up with gluten.

Question: Would you ever try taking sugar out of your diet? For how long? What would you miss most?

3 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: 7 Reasons To Detox from Sugar

  1. I’ve been trying and it’s really hard. I’m not sure the sugar substitutes are that good for you either. I also learned that sugar is an inflammatory. Why is it that the things that taste the best are the worst for us?


  2. lol, sugar and I are headed towards a breakup as well, along with other things I know are terrible for me (hello carbs…) I was waiting until after my trip home this weekend to kick it to the curb. I’m glad you don’t miss it anymore!

    You’ll have to let me know how the gluten-free diet goes. 🙂


  3. I no longer drink soda and I eat very little processed sugar. I no longer crave it, although I do have one small piece of 80% chocolate a day and that has a little sugar in it. One thing you’ll notice is that if you do eat something sweet way down the road it will taste awful. It’s like drinking 2% milk when you’ve been drinking skim for years. Good for you Kristen for getting rid of it completely. You’ve given me something to seriously think about!


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