Start Your Week Off Write: We Interrupt This Program For An Important Announcement…

Has it been a busy fall for you? I’ve had a lot of life changes this year. My baby got married and my eldest had a baby. My wonderful Keeper Hubby had major surgery with a long-term recovery time. I got a job after twenty something years in the stay-at-home-mom and volunteer business, and I’m speaking for the first time in front of my local writer’s group. It’s the first time I’ll speak in front of a group larger and older than my preschool Sunday School class. Five year olds I can work with, older folks, we shall see.

I’m going through a trial by fire training period at work so I’m going to take a week break from the blog to get my bearings. I’d rather take the break and bring you something that I’ve taken time to craft rather than just throwing something up so I can check it off the list.

Please take time to go through my archives if you haven’t been with me from the beginning (which was just the other day, wasn’t it?) and I’ll be back with bigger, better blog posts that will give you muscles, a whiter smile and a shiny new car in your driveway. Oh, sorry that’s all those commercials I’m being forced to watch on Hulu. 😉

Some popular posts include:

Here’s a  preview of some things I’ll be talking about soon:

  • How Should You Write Accents For Your Characters
  • Public Speaking and the Author Platform
  • Writing and Bread Pudding
  • Global Wealth and the Black Carbon Visa Card
  • 15 Ways Cats Might Take Over the World

and other various and sundry items. Please stay tuned and thanks for being a faithful reader.

Question: Have you taken any blogging breaks? Did it help or hurt your writing ‘mojo’?

3 thoughts on “Start Your Week Off Write: We Interrupt This Program For An Important Announcement…

  1. Time off is a blessing in disguise. I find when I’m *not* thinking about writing I end up having more epiphanies and forehead-slap moments than i would if I were sweating bullets. Good luck with the new job!

    Send me the dates on the writer’s group speech, and I’ll stick it on my calendar. I can’t remember which Tuesday of the month they meet!


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