Start Your Week Off Write: Public Speaking and the Author Platform

Programming Note: After a short hiatus kristin nador writes anywhere is back. See the improved blogging schedule here. You’ll see a few new things on the blog as I continue tweaking it for maximum blogiliciousness. Thanks for sticking with me while I re-adjusted to some additional life responsibilities. And now, back to regular programming.

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Last Tuesday I did something I never thought I would do. Don’t worry, Keeper Hubby is safe.

I gave a speech. In public. In front of people, dontcha know.

I had the privilege of giving a presentation on blogging strategies to the Tulsa Night Writers, a great group of local writers. It was well-received and I was happy to be helpful to others with some of the tips I’ve learned while blogging.

Why is this so groundbreaking, you say? I don’t normally do well in front of people. I am an introvert by nature and deal with social anxiety and panic issues. I’d rather hear that horrible fingernails on the blackboard noise blaring out of a loudspeaker or eat lima beans than be with large groups of people, let alone be the focus of attention of said group. But the mantra of my life for the last few years has been to ‘do it afraid’. Life is too short to not at least try.

If you’re a major introvert like me, why should you push past your comfort zone and consider public speaking? Linda Apple, author of a great little gem of a book called Connect! A Simple Guide to Public Speaking for Writers, says there are four reasons for writers to consider public speaking:

  • build a platform
  • enhance marketing
  • provide opportunities for personal enrichment
  • allow writers to give back

I don’t have a published book to promote (yet) but I did have helpful information to offer other writers. I was personally enriched by knocking that fear down a notch or two and it’s another accomplishment I can add to my platform. I highly recommend this book. Linda covers all the bases for writers wanting to get public speaking experience even down to tips for avoiding wardrobe malfunctions!

Want more motivation to try public speaking?

Robert Lee Brewer of Writer’s Digest offers ten Speaking Tips For Writers

Jeff Goins tells us Why You Must Develop the Skill of Public Speaking

I don’t think I’d want to hit the campaign trail (too much brain freeze and foot-in-mouth disease possible 😉 ) but I’m glad I proved to myself I could speak in public.

Question: Have you spoken before a group? Was it scary? Give us your best speaking tip!

5 thoughts on “Start Your Week Off Write: Public Speaking and the Author Platform

  1. First, I learned a new word today: Blogiliciousness. Wow, I’ll struggle to pronounce and/or digest this one till Thanksgiving. LOL

    Public speakin’ is somethin’ I’ve never been afraid to do, even when I have nothin’ 2 say. Sorry ’bout puttin’ the Poteau accent on a lil strong. Seriously, I love an audience almost as much as I love my grandkids.

    Being in, or in front of a group of strangers is like a buffet. I have to sample a little bit of all of them to see what I find. Engaging an audience, seeing their reaction, creating doubt in their mind or raising questions they’ve never considered is a real thrill.

    Do I have anything profound or earth shattering to tell people? OMG, I hope not. However, making people think or consider another point of view is important. Keep speakin’ Kristin. We’re listenin’.


    • Thanks for the encouragement, Joe. Wow, you are lucky you can think of being in front of an audience in that way. I kind of think of it like I’m the buffet and they are a bunch of hungry tigers at the zoo. LOL I’m going to try getting your attitude, it may calm the nausea a bit. 😉 Also, I think having an accent is a secret weapon for speaking in front of people. You can lull people into a sense of security before you drop the hammer on them. LOL


  2. You did a great job! You were the expert in the room, lol! Perhaps you can start up a world tour for writing groups and go on the road. Ooohh…you could have groupies! XD


  3. LOL! Groupies…Thank you so much for all the moral support. It helped more than you know. Need to hire some ‘people’ now and only fresh-cut blue orchids and vegan pesto dip in my trailer please. 😉


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