Write Anywhere #18

I wanted to find a place to write this week that would conjure up a lot of emotion. I couldn’t really come up with a place until I read an article about a new facility that recently opened in my community.

Write Anywhere #18: Animal Shelter

making herself at home

Our small town recently opened an updated animal shelter, and I thought I would check it out. Since our cat died in April, I didn’t feel I could handle being around cute critters too well, so it would be a challenge. But I’m on the hunt for a challenge, so I drove over.

I walked into the facility and was impressed with the upgrade. The cat area was very nice and each cat had its own cubby with a window. Tim the animal control officer had lots of background information on each of the cats, including how so many people trap their neighbors’ cats and bring them into the shelter, then admit it to the animal control officers. Neighborly tip: if your neighbor’s cat is bugging you, talk to your neighbor; don’t shorten a kitty’s life. It’s just good manners, you know? Tim showed off the red boa constrictor they captured as well. Not an animal regularly indigenous to this area.

I went into the cat area and played with each of the kitties. Afterwards I sat on a bench in front of the facility and wrote, though the shelter workers gave me some weird looks. Sadness and hope were the emotions that the animals channeled into my writing. And then a strange thing happened. My sadness didn’t seem that sad, my hope seemed more hopeful. Digging into emotions can fire up creativity and inspiration. And make you want to fall in love again. Which is exactly what happened. After a powwow with Keeper Hubby, we went back the next day and started a new love affair with the beautiful girl in the photo at the start of this post.

Where did you write this week?

Question: Our new beautiful cat doesn’t have a name yet – my kids say I’m not very creative with pet names. Any suggestions? If I choose your suggestion, I’ll give you credit on a future blog post!

4 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #18

  1. Kitty!!! I’m soo coming over to play with her sometime. 🙂

    How about a literary name? We had a cat named Dante once, but you could easily go with something like Shakespeare, Hermoine, Marlowe, Bronte, Hemingway, etc….

    Or, you know my preference would be to tap into mythological names – Athena, Diana, Freya, Frigga, Arianhod, Loki, Thor, soemthing along those lines.

    Yay! I’m going to have to break down and get a cat after the first of the year, I think.


  2. You can come play whenever you like! 🙂 She’s an older adult, but still fairly playful. Of course, she has already decided she likes Keeper Hubby better, and tried to kick me out of my side of the bed. I was thinking maybe a name along literary or sci-fi geek lines, but I’m open to what SHE likes. 😉 If you are thinking about a kitty, they have a steady stream of nice ones at B.A. animal shelter, and if you happen to choose one that is already spayed/neutered there is no adoption fee.
    Here’s today’s PSA, readers: If you are considering animal adoption, please check out shelter animals. Unconditional love served up there daily.


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