The 12 Best Blogs You May (Almost) Have Never Heard Of

image courtesy angie k, Creative Commons

One of my children’s favorite television shows while they were growing up was PBS’s Reading Rainbow. We were a homeschooling family that spent a lot of time at the library (yes, one of THOSE families) so watching a show about kids reading books was a natural fit. When Artist Daughter, Poet Son and Musician Daughter heard the Reading Rainbow theme (be careful – it won’t get out of your head!) and heard LeVar Burton saying “But you don’t have to take my word for it…”, it was time to find out what goodies they’d be checking out at the library the next week.

What has this cute little memory have to do with the price of eggs, Kristin? (I heard you ask that, yes I did.) Last week I found out kristin nador writes anywhere had been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award by blogger extraordinaire Diana Douglas.

It was very exciting to know someone thinks this little ole blog is interesting enough to give it an award nomination. Now it’s nothing all-encompassing like Write to Done’s Top 10 Blogs for Writers award currently making the rounds for voting but exciting nonetheless. It’s nice to be recognized. I really enjoy sharing on my blog the things I’m learning on my writing/creativity journey. One of those things includes the wonderful blogs I discover along the way. Some blogs are well-established, some are just starting out, some are popular, some are just undiscovered but all are excellent reading and good folks.

The following 12 blogs are ones I read on a regular basis. I think they’re great. But you don’t have to take my word for it… (my Reading Rainbow segue, cue the theme). Check them out for yourself:

When you get a chance, share with others the gems you find in the blogosphere. Blogs depend on your favorable word of mouth to gain readers. (Shameless plug alert – that includes Yours Truly.) Be like those kids on Reading Rainbow and tell everyone. Don’t clam up like Troy in this episode of Community.

Question: Do you have a favorite blog (your own or one you regularly follow)? Share it with us! Please post a blog link in the comments so we can all enjoy it and share in the blog love!

13 thoughts on “The 12 Best Blogs You May (Almost) Have Never Heard Of

  1. Love your list! I also follow your blog and always enjoy what I read. One that is worth checking out is and another is http://www.natalie Garden’s Eye view is a combo of garden journal and garden inspriation. Natalie Hartford will make you laugh about her urban redneck gadgets she finds (like a stripper pole for your trailer hitch) and will make you think about her impaired driving posts–sometimes poignant, sometimes informative.
    I follow many of those in your list, but plan to check out some of the others. Thansk, Kristin!


  2. Thank you so much! That is very encouraging. I am enjoying your blog as well. You have a very distinct writing voice and I always find myself chuckling about something when I read your posts. Keep up the great work!


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