Write Anywhere #19

Here in Oklahoma we’re moving into that time of year when there’s not much motivation to spend time outdoors. Warm sunny days are gone; cold wind-whipped days have come. Before the full brunt of winter forces me indoors during January and February I thought I’d find a few outdoor writing venues. This week I uncovered an energizing place full of creative spark.

Write Anywhere #20: Skatepark

Our small town boasts a skatepark built about two years ago near the community center. Here’s a video showcasing the park:

The day I visited about five persevering souls braved the chill to practice their moves. One little guy was on a scooter trying to make it up one wall while the others zoomed by. He tried to reach the top over and over. An older skateboarder had a very intricate routine he was perfecting that the others critiqued to help him fine-tune it. I loved watching their athleticism, creative process and mutual encouragement.

We tend to think about creativity involving traditional areas like visual arts, music, crafts or fashion. I focus on writing as a creative endeavor because I’m a writer but creativity comes in all kinds of packages. As the skaters practiced their flips and pops, I practiced writing. Life is one big creative flow. Hope you grabbed some this week.

Question: What’s the most adventurous sport or activity you’ve ever tried? Was it a positive or negative experience?

12 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #19

  1. I was Mr. Bad 2 The Bone on a skateboard WAY, WAY back in the day. We moved to Phoenix in 1990 and I got out in the street on a skateboard with the kids (sort of showing off) and took a hard, head first dive into the pavement which marked the day I retired from skateboards.

    What’s the most adventurous sport or activity I’ve ever tried? Well, I hope no teenagers are reading this, but I do confess to getting out on the BA once in a while, late at nite and doing the loop de loop on and off Hwy 169 as fast as I can in my sons sports car. Feelin’ the need for speed, feelin’ that gravity tryin’ to tug me outta the seat, feelin’ like the car is out of control and barely savin’ it, feelin’ like I’m gonna to get a big ticket or roll the car someday, Whoo Hoo! It’s a guy thing. Wanna go with me next time??


  2. I tried snow skiing one year and it was a complete disaster. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t stay up on my skis once I started downhill. Finally, the ski instructor told me to hold on to one end of the pole, he took the other and we walked downhill. Talk about embarrasing. Years later, I found out that I have a cronic imbalance in my ears and it affects my balance. At least I have an excuse for my klutziness!


  3. Skiing is also my disaster adventure, Diana. We went to a resort outside of St. Louis with a singles ministry we worked with, and the hills of the Ozarks aren’t really made for skiing. They watered down the snow they had made in their snow-making thingy machine and the hill was straight ice. Besides all that, the fact that one of my legs is a couple inches shorter than the other started me off like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. After hitting the ice twice with my padded side, I was done and spent the rest of the time nursing my backside and hot cocoas. I’m sure a more authentic ski area would give a better result, but my older bones might protest now. 🙂


  4. You’re an extraordinary writer. I can’t imagine writing at a Skatepark. Researching? Oh, yes. And I must say that I really admire you for having such amazing concentration ability. The only sports sort of place where I have written was the Oklahoma State Swimming Meet. My granddaughter was swimming, and I worked through all other performances. Then screamed like a crazy grandma when my baby was swimming.


  5. I would never have thought of going to a skate park to write but it certainly made me smile when you described the creative effort of the skate boarders. Very cool! Thanks for making me think outside the box.


    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Kate! That is so exciting to me, because that is part of my goal with Write Anywhere venues: inspiring others to pursue creativity in ways that they might not have thought about, as well as giving myself an accountability to make room for writing. I’m glad my post was helpful to you. 🙂


  6. Inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time! The key is remembering the experience to write of it later. My only point of contention with today’s blog is the idea that the winter marks the end of outdoor experiences in Oklahoma. My whole life (I am much older now), I have bragged about playing outdoors at Christmas with our new toys. It is only in recent years we’ve experienced the sort of impressive winters that keep most of the country indoors. We are in December, and even so, I witnessed several people walking into a QuikTrip without coats, wearing shorts. They know the advantage of living in the Sooner State, even if I thought they were a little nutty on that particular morning!


    • You’re right, Larry. Oklahoma is a great place to enjoy the outdoors all year long, it’s just that I am one of those whiny people who doesn’t do well with cold. When the winter cold hits my bones say words that I have to cover my ears for so they’re not offended. 😉

      I see those people around town every year that don’t wear coats and seem oblivious to the cold. It amazes me, I wish I could be that tough. I think it’s a sport here to see how long you can wear shorts and sandals before a body part falls off. 🙂


  7. Having written without answering today’s question – here is my own experience as to adventurous activities: it involves my interaction with water and sharks. Once, on my own volition, and another time completely by surprise! Looking back, I’m more surprised at having been more distressed during my scuba-diving plunge into “shark-infested waters” than the time my children and I were surprised by a hammerhead… Thankfully, we survived both episodes with nothing more injurious than stories to tell.


  8. Wow, I think you win the adventure award! 🙂 I like to look at sharks at the aquarium, but I’m even more whiny about getting in ocean water than I am in cold, and swimming with sharks would completely freak me out.


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