Write Anywhere #20

Holiday celebrations are popping up all over, as they do every year. Early Saturday morning I staked my claim on a bench on Main Street to enjoy a local festivity. (This is a photo-heavy post, but I only do it on special occasions, so I hope you don’t mind the indulgence.)

Write Anywhere #20: Christmas Parade

Start the parade!

I bundled up and found a good vantage point in front of the Main Street Tavern Restaurant. Couples strolled down the sidewalk keeping warm with coffee and one another. Kids dragged their parents to the curb; parents dragged wagons overflowing with kids. Christmas music and the smell of bakery goods wafted out of the open shop doors and combined with the cigar smoke of old men talking together on the corner. The atmosphere reminded me of some of the reasons why we chose to live in a small town. I practiced writing descriptions of the activities and people around me before a siren signaled the beginning of the parade.

It was great seeing candy flying through the air, poodles wrapped in Christmas lights, energetic cheerleaders and cool muscle cars.


not sure what this was supposed to be, hey, it's a small town, we do our best 🙂

But I was really there for the bands. Here in Oklahoma we’re serious about our football, and we’re serious about our marching bands. Three local high schools competed in the 2011 Bands of America Grand Nationals and out of all the bands in the nation the Pride of Broken Arrow took home first place. There were several bands in today’s parade.

Bring on the band!

I had an ulterior motive for watching the bands. There is a scene in the historical fiction I’m writing where my main character, a German-American girl, attends a Saengerfest.

Find out about Saengerfest at “Glee”and Getting Your Historical Research Groove On

Writing about the sensory detail of the marching bands gave me some material to work into those scenes. And it was a fun way to make time for creativity.

Where did you write this week?

Question: Do you attend any community holiday celebrations in your city or town?

2 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #20

  1. I’m still looking for the pic of me in the 1965 Poteau, OK Christmas parade at age 10. I had a pet monkey (really), and we put the monkey cage on my wagon. We decorated the cage and the wagon with tinsel and I pulled it in the parade. Yes, the monkey and I nearly froze on that cold December morning, but I learned a valuable lesson. In spite of the cold I really liked being in the parade, waving to people, seeing them oooohhh and ahhhh at me and the monkey (probably more at the monkey than me), and basically receiving all the attention. I tag this event as the day I figured out my favorite thing in the whole wide world: Having an audience.

    When people I grew up with in Poteau post something on Facebook like, “I really enjoyed going to Joe’s house when we were kids and playing with his monkey,” they mean a real live monkey. LOL


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