Write Anywhere #21

Each holiday season seems to get busier. We add more tasks to our already bulging schedules and more purchases to our shrinking budgets. Tempers flare and shopping lines get longer. It’s also the season we reconnect with our loved ones and focus on giving. This week’s writing venue brought a time of reflection and meditation.

Write Anywhere #21: Convent

Our Lady of Sorrow Convent

I visited the grounds of Our Lady of Sorrows convent. It was built in the 1960’s and closed its doors about three years ago but still retains its peaceful beauty. A marble bench invited me to sit, write and meditate. No phone, no email, no constant media stream to distract, only the trees and grasses whispering in the cold wind.

elegant architecture

I looked in a window to see the small chapel, its wooden pews now silent and empty. It made me think about the women who sat in those pews, giving their entire lives in service to their faith. Admirable. And isn’t that what this season is all about – giving.

God so loved the world that he gave...

This place helped me think about the things that are important to me that sometimes get pushed to the back burner in the hurry of life: faith, worship, prayer, service.

And here’s a little Christmas cheer I give to you from my friend Flea. Please enjoy her reading of ‘A Cajun Night Before Christmas’:

I pray for you all joy, peace and love this Christmas.

Question: What did you do this week to engage your creativity?

6 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #21

  1. Kristin, I always love your posts. Thanks for taking us to all of these out of the way places where you go to write.

    Congratulations to you on your TWO wins in the TNW Christmas contest. Good work!


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