Write Anywhere #23

January has been warmer than usual so far and it’s giving me more chances to find writing spots outdoors. I came across a serene spot perfect for tapping into creativity.

Write Anywhere #23: Gazebo

Cozy spot for writing

A gazebo in nearby Jackson Park offered a little protection from the nippy winds and a picnic table to sit and write. Even if it’s only for 15 or 20 minutes, dropping everything to be present in the moment washes the clutter from your brain and will let ideas come to the surface.

I didn’t work on a writing project but instead did some sensory exercises. I wrote about the sights: sandy-colored ornamental grasses swaying in the wind, trees with branches lifted naked to the sky, a father and daughter peering into the pond together. I wrote about the sounds: the hum of traffic, bark of a dog, the little girl laughing.

I wrote about the goldfish pond nearby that had been filled in to make a sandpit. It reminded me of a memory that could relate to a scene in my WIP and I ended up writing several paragraphs. Taking that small break from the daily routine paid off.

Where did you write this week?

Question: Have you had warmer, colder or average weather for your area so far this winter?

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