Kitty Update: Pinkerton’s On The Case

Remember Pinkerton the rescue cat? Today marks two months since he found a forever home with us. As you can tell, he’s seems to be blending in quite nicely. His vet loves his visits because he’s gotten nice and healthy by gaining 1.5 lbs. He’s even made a few friends in the neighborhood. They come by and have lovely conversations through the backdoor glass. Pinkerton is also teaching his humans how to retrieve his mice toys over and over. I think it might be an exercise he uses to expand his creative thinking. Or he’s plotting his takeover of the world. Nah, he’s just a harmless sweet cat. Excuse me, must collect mice toys now. 😉

Like cat videos, kittens and all their antics? Check out the wonderful Kitty Bloger.

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Question: What’s Pinkerton thinking? Write a caption in the comments. 🙂

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  1. Precious Pinkerton! Such a lucky cat to have you as a mommy. 🙂

    Does Pinkerton choose to color-coordinate with your home? Heh!!


  2. Pinkerton is a charmer. We made the decision not to get any more pets, but he makes me want to go out and get another kitty. I have a friend I visit when I need a kitty-fix. The withdrawals are tough.


  3. Glad to hear your Pinkerton is doin’ fine! I’ve got one just like him at home,same coloring and all. Adopted her as a kitten only to find out months later that our Zita (‘little girl’ in Italian) was really a boy. Fast forward, Zita became Zeetz, thank goodness it was a nickname she had before he sprung corleones (slang for you know what)!


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