Write Anywhere #26

It’s been a mini-season of contrasts the last two weeks. One week was very unproductive, mostly because of illness, but also because of attitude. I didn’t feel physically up to writing, and it infected my emotional attitude towards writing, too. Everyone goes through some creative ups and downs. It was time to get away from distractions. Technology, people, everything.

Write Anywhere #26: Riverfront

"Without great solitude no serious work is possible." - Picasso

I went to an area along the Arkansas River that most times of the year is filled with people walking and biking. On a cold February day it’s deserted except for the sounds of the wind and waters. I sat on a step in an empty concrete outdoor amphitheater working on some character ideas. I enjoyed it but the open spaces of my isolation started creeping me out after a while. I probably need to be alone more often.

Twyla Tharp says in her book The Creative HabitSolitude is an unavoidable part of creativity. Self-reliance is a happy by-product.” Fresh air and solitude helped me be much more productive and goal-oriented this week.

Times of solitude are hard to find in our busy lives. Solitude does not have to be long term or expensive like a writer’s cabin in the woods.

Wouldn't that be cool? False Bay Writer's Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects

You could visit a local park, your own room or your walk-in closet. If you feel like your creativity attitude needs an adjustment, sniff out places in your area where you can try a bit of extreme solitude.

Where did you write this week?

Question: Where’s the most isolated place you’ve written?

3 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #26

  1. You certainly hit the nail of my life right on the head with this one. I’ve had some of the highest highs, followed by the lowest lows in the past two weeks. I’m in high gear and getting 110% of the things done on my marketing to do list. However, for the past three years the first quarter of the year has been my most productive time for writing. Yes, I know, this is totally self inflicted by setting such an aggressive marketing agenda for the same time period. The characters are screaming to be heard and have their words and deeds put down on paper, or at least typed into the computer. Not to mention, I woke from a really cool sci-fi dream last week which really had its hands on my soul. I staggered to my desks, grabbed a pen and made three pages of notes in my serial killer printing which is the premise/beginning of yet another great story idea, totally unrelated to anything I’ve written.

    So, I have non-stop events through the end of next week. The good news is that all of them will result in significant sales for my already published work, Then, I have three weeks until anything else is on the calendar. I’m very purposely blocking this time for writing and looking ahead to block more time for it too, hopefully avoiding more peaks and valleys. More to come.


  2. I love the riverparks, but I’m usually with my daughters when I go there, so no writing for me! (PS – be careful going out there alone!!!)

    This week, I discovered that my 25 minute lunch period could actually be productive for research. I’ve bemoaned the fact that I’m teaching on my plan and only get 25 minutes for lunch, that I forgot that lunch time is MY time. So, I’ve taken advantage this week to brainstorm and research and claim that little bit of time during the day as mine!


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