Write Anywhere #35

Have you been joining us on the Write Anywhere challenge? You don’t even have to write. The goal of the Write Anywhere challenge is to encourage yourself to think outside of the creativity box by getting outside of your regular routine, your regular sphere and let yourself create. It doesn’t mean you have to leave your house, maybe try a room you don’t normally work in. Or drive across town.

Then act on your creative spark. That might mean writing a poem, a story or a song. It could mean sketching, painting, snapping photos or filming a scene. It might mean sewing, knitting or embroidering an item. It can always mean thinking, meditating or letting ideas and visions percolate. Check in with us on Fridays and encourage others by sharing where you got creative.

I found kind of a crazy place to create this week. It was dark and cramped, but full of action and emotion.

Write Anywhere #35: Closet

my closet hidey-hole

Since we live in Tornado Alley we’re used to severe weather popping up and the preparations that go with it. We have our designated shelter closet in the interior of the house, supplies and a weather radio. Believe it or not, there are not many basements here because of high percentages of moisture and clay in the soil. So we have a closet, and when that certain green-blue angry scowl comes across the sky and the air is sweet with a warm blast of humidity, we go and sit in our closet.

angry Oklahoma sky from my backdoor

This week the National Weather Service issued a high risk tornado outbreak warning 24 hours in advance, only the second time in history they had done it, so we took it seriously. The first time was in 2006, and this is some of the devastation that resulted. So I brainstormed to make our hidey-hole a little more secure.

A metal table with a mattress on top gave a little more protection. Pinkerton loved it. He stood watch on the mattress all evening while I waited out the storm with my notebook and my charged-up Mac. It might seem silly to build such a makeshift shelter, but I respect the power nature wields.

nature making my neighbor's back yard into a river

We were blessed that the storms only skirted our area, but other areas weren’t as fortunate. Whether it’s tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding or blizzards that threaten your area, take the time to make preparations so you’ll be as safe and worry-free as you can should the situation arise. Our local meteorologist suggested motorcycle or bike helmets to protect from flying debris. I’m considering it, but where will I get one small enough for Pinkerton? 🙂

Share in the comments where you worked your creativity muscles this week.

5 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #35

  1. I think a closet sounds rather cozy…I’m impressed you could vacate a closet and keep it available (I should think all sorts of belongings would migrate there).

    I have a hair appointment this morning and I plan to write while the color sets. I’m nicely removed from the world. (Usually I read People magazine and the like…) Also, I’m sharing a link to a post about my biggest change of late: writing standing up. I’m loving it! http://bit.ly/HBqmQw

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing


    • We use the closet daily but keep the table folded up and mattress against the wall until we need it. My closet is pretty spacious because I’ve been working on my minimalist tendencies again. There’s enough room to sleep there if we had to, but I’d rather avoid that. 🙂

      Good use of writing time at the hairdresser!


  2. I have a friend who also lives in Oklahoma and she posted pics from her first-ever tornado chase. Crazy girl!
    I write in the living room on a yellow legal pad occasionally. Yellow paper seems to inspire creativity.


    • Your friend is brave (crazy 😉 ). I would be running from the tornado. But storm chasers who chase to help people stay safe by relaying the info and pics to weather outlets are revered in this area. We need those eyes on the ground.

      I understand your yellow paper inspiration. Although I do fine with my laptop, when I write with a certain pen with purple ink, I feel more creative, and more likely to stick with what I’m doing for a longer period of time. I think color inspires creativity. 🙂


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