Write Anywhere #37

Have you ever had a creative moment sneak up on you? I was driving home after a hectic day and I almost missed it. On the side of the road a female mallard waddled along in the grass. Behind her were 14 (!) tiny yellow balls of fluff scurrying as fast as they could in a perfect line. I would have gotten a photo but there was too much traffic to pull over. It took me back to one of my favorite childhood memories and this week’s Write Anywhere venue.

Write Anywhere #37: Duck Pond

Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

my favorite childhood book

Make Way For Ducklings is one of the first books I remember reading. I would check it out over and over from the library. I think that’s why I have such a soft spot for ducks.

I’d do almost anything for a duck. You can read about it in my short story Duck Tales, or The Ballad of Peeps (tissue required).

This day I took off the stress of the previous hours, grabbed my notebook and headed to our neighborhood duck pond.

There’s an inviting pond-side bench.

Duck demanding his Cheerios payment

This guy came running when I sat down. His frustration at my lack of bread/cheerios was obvious.

The tall guy is pretty cool, yes? We only ever see one of him. But he seems to like hanging out with the ducks.

This is a duck-friendly neighborhood. We are blessed to live here.

We love our ducks!

The pond is a nice place to get a little writing done.

Where did you write this week?

Question: What was your favorite childhood book?

3 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #37

    • Yes, Pooh and all his friends are awesome, but I believe you are correct about the lack of ducks. Oh, well, nothing is perfect. 😉 Plus there’s Eeyore so he makes up for it. 🙂


  1. My friend Ned, The Skunk Whisperer was besieged with phone calls a few weeks ago from shopping center owners with geese nesting in large flower pots and shrubbery. As he said, the geese are just doing what comes natural to them. As humans, the shopping center tenants and owners wanted some action to move the geese along.

    One of the shopping center owners is one of my long time friends from high school. The retail center is in Broken Arrow and she lives in Houston. Her tenants were equally divided by those wanting a quick fix to rid the center of a pair of nesting geese and those who enjoyed them. I went over and took pictures of the beautiful couple and suggested the computer store set up a “goose cam” and broadcast it on Facebook. Unfortunately, the guys at the computer store were among the tenants wanting a quick fix.

    Story material? You bet. Marketing opportunity? Absolutely!! Long story short, the geese did their thing for a couple of weeks and moved on. My friend was out some expense for “poop patrol” on the sidewalks and found out some things about her tenants. I’m guessing some leases won’t be renewed in the next year over their reactions.


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