This has been one of the most popular posts here on kristin nador writes anywhere, probably because it’s a problem all bloggers face at one time or another: blogging consistently. If you’ve been having trouble with consistency in your blogging, I hope these tips inspire you to get back on track.

kristin nador writes anywhere

This is the second post in a series this month on sharpening your blogging habits. If you missed the first post you can catch it here:

Sharpen Your Blogging Habits: 4 Ways To Define Your Audience

I scrapbooked several years ago. When I first discovered scrapbooking, it was a fun, creative outlet. I learned dozens of ways to present a photograph. I always ended up with a story on the page (of course) as well as all the bells and whistles of pre-cut decorations, pop-up shapes, different colored markers, etc. Some awesome scrapbooks developed that we still have fun reminiscing with at holidays.

I liked scrapbooking, but after a while it didn’t seem as fun. It seemed more like work. The scrapbook supplies on the table moved to a shelf, then into a storage tub, then into a closet. That’s the pattern for many of the interests I’ve pursued. Sometimes…

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