Write Anywhere #39

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

Do you carry your notebook, camera or sketchbook with you all the time? Are you prepared to capture a scene or an idea when it reveals itself? You never know when a creative idea will pop up. Every experience is a potential revelation for your creative self. I found an active spot to get a little inspiration this week.

Write Anywhere #39: Community Festival

Rooster Days is the oldest festival in Oklahoma. In the 1930s it started as a way to help farmers market excess roosters to the community so they could have more fresh eggs available. Today Rooster Days has no roosters but is a fun small town community festival and carnival. All the families, couples, and groups gave lots of opportunities for people watching.

lots of action

The arts and crafts fair offered a myriad of interesting items. If you’re a pink-sequined hat, fudge, wine, and beef jerky lover it was heaven. Artist Daughter and I got a lot of exercise walking several blocks in the downtown area.

Red Dirt Rangers play Red Dirt music at Rooster Days, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

We rested at one of the music stages, where the Red Dirt Rangers put on a great show and I scribbled a few lines in my notebook.

Of course there were funnel cakes. And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

Where did you write this week?

Question: What’s your favorite carnival food?

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2 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #39

  1. I have a list of summer foods that I must have on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ each summer (spread out over the summer, of course–no two treats in one night!)
    1 funnel cake, one Boardwalk French Fries, one Kohl’s soft serve, one George’s ice cream (well, maybe more than that), Manco and Manco pizza, one Johnson’s popcorn, one giant chocolate coated coconut macaroon, one giant pretzel with mustard, coconut shrimp at the Hula Restaurant, and MISCELLANEOUS. The Miscellaneous category grows each year. Good thing we live fairly close to the Boardwalk! Summer is fun here.


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