Start Your Week Off Write: 9 Killer Resources for Weekly Writing Links

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By Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

Are you looking for the best writing, social media and blogging link mash ups?

I found some links and thought I might craft a post to share but why re-invent the wheel when these blogs are rocking it so well? Here are 9 bloggers who share great link content on a weekly basis. I’ll let you get to it because there’s a lot of information packed in these blog posts. Check them out:

Author Elizabeth Spann Craig has a weekly list of writing-related tweets she compiles, as well as the Writer’s Knowledge Base Search Engine. Excellent resource!

Gene consistently curates just what he advertises: writing blog treasures. Links on writing craft, publishing, social media, and the writing life make the weekly list.

A large bi-monthly list of the best links in writing, social media and blogging, plus some ‘just for fun’. Reeta also gives you the fast track option of ‘if you only have time for one post…’. Awesome!

Yesenia offers an extensive list of the best blog posts of the week in a variety of subjects: from motivation and productivity to writing advice to marketing, she’s found it all!

Author Jan Morrill has been faithful to give us great inspirational morsels week after week for writers looking to keep their head in the game.

Roni always finds the week’s best writing and social media links. Plus she’s got Boyfriend of the Week. How can you pass that up?

Kristi Hines searches out a ton of blogging, social media and freelance writing resources and posts the best every Friday to help improve your writing career.

Not only does Natalie have a wonderfully witty blog with humor that will make you pee your pants laughing, she share links daily in the Blog Deliciousness section. Don’t miss it!

The premiere blog for bloggers, their weekly highlight of links is always chock full of excellent information.

Did I miss any great blog/tweet link lists? Yours or someone else’s: I know there are so many great ones out there. Share a blog list gem you’ve found in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “Start Your Week Off Write: 9 Killer Resources for Weekly Writing Links

  1. Wow, this is a supreme list of resources. Several on here I haven’t heard of before but I’ll be giving them a look now for sure. Thanks for sharing all of this with us and for including my Writing Treasures, Kristin 🙂


  2. I love it when someone does the work for me in corralling good resources–in this case it’s you! Thanks for pulling this together. I’m looking forward to checking out these links. I’m also going to post it on The Reflective Writer Facebook page.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing


  3. Dagnabit. I was logged in under my runner’s blog — you can delete that comment, Kristin. 🙂 But, thanks again for mentioning my mashup, and I can’t wait to visit the other links you listed!


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