Write Anywhere #46

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

Have you been taking yourself out on a creativity date? Here at kristin nador writes anywhere, we are all about encouraging creatives to step out of the everyday and let your creative self bloom, if only for a few minutes at a time. What if you don’t have time to step out of the everyday? Then take a small sidestep while you’re in the midst of the everyday. That’s what I did this week, to some good results.

Write Anywhere #46: Grocery Store

What stories lurk in these otherwise ordinary grocery aisles?

A grocery store is a pretty mundane place. Most people go there on an regular basis, doing ordinary shopping chores. It’s ordinary.

Unless you look for the unexpected. Take the time to really experience it. Get your notebook ready. Find a bench, sit down and watch the goings-on.

Drive your cart slowly and listen. Eavesdrop. You might find some great nuggets of dialogue for your next project. Talk to the older people. They have stories to tell that are just waiting for a patient audience.

Slow down and look at the products. Where did those red bananas come from? What types of people eat polenta from a roll?

There’s a photo developing counter. What kind of story could you write about the woman picking up her photos?

my favorite shopping partner

Watch and listen to the grocery employees. What’s their story? What could their story be? How would they act  if the President or Brad Pitt stopped by to pick up a few things?

What if the store was the only one open after a major disaster? How would the atmosphere change?

Maybe you know the cashier or produce manager. Can you surreptitiously interview them about their job? It’s good practice.

You might feel silly trying out the write anywhere concept in a place you frequent often. Think about this quote from Julia Cameron and her classic book for creatives ‘The Artist’s Way’:

“Much of what we do in a creative recovery may seem silly. Silly is a defense our Wet Blanket adult uses to squelch our artist child. Beware of silly as a word you toss at yourself. Yes, artist dates are silly, that’s the whole point. Creativity lives in paradox: serious art is born from serious play.”

You might feel pressured to try a writing exercise while searching for some edible stuffs for your hungry family who want their dinner NOW. Pick a time when you have time. Time to let go of the ordinary and focus on the extraordinary, which is your creative ability.

“Creative living requires the luxury of time, which we carve out for ourselves – even if it’s fifteen minutes for morning pages and a ten minute minibath after work.”

– Julia Cameron, ‘The Artist’s Way’

My foray into grocery store writing gave me the makings of a funny short story to work on. Give yourself time and even in the unlikeliest of places creativity will bloom.

Where did you write this week?

**Important News: Stay tuned to kristin nador writes anywhere for some exciting happenings that will revolve around the 1 year anniversary of Write Anywhere Fridays. Week #52 is coming up, and we’ll be having all kinds of fun with some virtual parties, and some giveaway surprises. I’ll also be making some announcements concerning new features to make our second year even more creative, informative and interactive. Make sure you’re subscribed in email or RSS so you don’t miss a thing and tell all your creative friends. The more the merrier! More details in the coming weeks.

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