For some inspirational thoughts about writing today, please stop by my friend Heather’s blog. It really made me take time to think about living your best life now and opening up that vein where your writing flows. Make sure you say hi to Heather in the comments. Inside Heather’s Head is a great blog to follow. I do, hope you’ll join me there. 🙂

inside heather's head

My sis and I went wig shopping this weekend with my mom. It wasn’t our first time in Judi’s Wigs. That was last July when mom received the news she had stage-three ovarian cancer and would need a minimum of six rounds of chemo. (She received twelve but is cancer-free!) Hair loss was not her (or our) biggest worry, but a concern nonetheless. We perused the selection, pointing out wigs that “looked” like my mom. She didn’t want anything too different from her everyday color and style, because she liked her style and was comfortable with it.

Halfway through the first round of treatments, something switched in mom. The warrior unleashed its “barbaric yawp” upon the world and my now-strong, brave mother was born. Let’s just say, she’s a little sassy. And I like it. She tossed her salt-and-pepper wigs to the back of the closet and opted for…

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  1. Thanks, Kristin, for reblogging this tribute to my mom, the warrior princess. I just keep reminding myself I have her DNA running through me, so maybe that Xena-esque tigress lurks in me, too. 🙂


  2. She’s right! Writers do try on all kinds of wigs (or hats) Great analogy.
    I could also identify with her wig shopping trip with her mom as I went through the same experience with my own mom. Though the reason for the wig was sobering, we had fun that day.
    I’m happy you decided to reblog this. It brought back a memory that made me smile.


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