Write Anywhere #49

By Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

I’m a master at the two-fer. I love to multitask, to combine offers, to kill two birds with one stone. Sometimes this is to my detriment, particularly when cooking is involved. But sometimes it works out well, as with this week’s Write Anywhere venue. I had another purpose, but writing wiggled its way into the itinerary, with some interesting results.

Write Anywhere #49: Farmers’ Market

I arrived at my local Farmer’s Market, a train station in its former life, mid-morning on Saturday and the heat gave a light sweaty sheen to all in attendance. My goal today: to purchase all the groceries I needed and save money. I wanted to prove wrong the idea that healthy and local is expensive. With the exception of two items I did it.

But the Farmer’s Market is more than a frugal shopping destination. It’s a people watching paradise. The vendors sell their wares: everything from fleece rugs to goat milk to birdhouses to  Greek pastichio. The customers run the spectrum: reserved retired couples in matching t-shirts, groups of mothers in maxi-dresses pushing babies, old men in birkenstocks and bandanas, cyclists loading their backpacks with the market’s bounty, all seeing and being seen. Dogs of every type wag a greeting to one another as they walk their owners past the tables loaded with splashes of tasty color.

Tomatoes, squash, herbs, garlic bulbs, potatoes, green beans. All the makings of something good.

The farmers’ market is also a great place for dialogue. Listen to it. Participate in it. People love to talk about their passions.

The farm couple crafting goat cheeses and butters shared excitedly their best-selling herb flavors. A farmer in overalls unloading his Ford F150 demonstrated the proper way to thump a melon.  A sweet lady told me how she makes her beloved fleece throw rugs and was proud when I asked permission for a photo.

I took my bag of groceries with an order of pastichio and found one of the few shady spots under a tree. A few bites, a few words in my notebook, a few more bites. The breeze carried the music of the market: voices, barking, the cicadas buzz, the rhythm of tires crossing the railroad tracks.

As I relaxed on the bench, I noticed a booth over on the far side of plaza: the local news radio station was running a remote broadcast. None of the market patrons took notice and the three radio station employees looked lonesome in their booth. Then a thought only a writer would have popped into my head: “I should go over there. They might have free pens.” How to explain the workings of the mid-century brain…

I chatted with two nice ladies who identified themselves as producers while a local garden expert took to the airwaves. The ladies asked why I came to the market and I shared my shop local experiment. Their eyes got big as they said almost in unison: ‘Would you say that on the air?”

Before I knew it I had a microphone in my hand and I was on the radio! I wished Keeper Hubby could have heard me, because weird things like this seem to happen to me and I’m not sure if he doesn’t think my imagination is working overtime. But you never can tell what will happen when you get out of your regular routine and Write Anywhere. 😉

Where did you write this week?

Question: Do you have a farmers’ market or roadside produce booth in your area? What’s your favorite summer fruit or veggie?

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8 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #49

  1. For a second there I thought you were going to have a future post about pasties, not parties. Not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed. 🙂 The farmer’s market sounds like fun when you write about it. Maybe I’ve just been going to the wrong one.


  2. Well, I guess people could choose pasties for a party look, but I advise against it. It’s been done to death. LOL What farmers’ market do you go to? I’ve been going to mine for a while, but haven’t ever gone out of my way to talk to people before and that’s where it got interesting.The gift of gab is not really in my personality, but I guess it was an opposite day. 😉


  3. I have written more than one passionate post about my farmers’ market! My husband and I go every week and, in fact, spend money rather happily as we love to support the local farmers. We are vegetable fiends, and the variety and quality we get at the market surpass what we find in grocery stores. Love your story (especially the impulse about free pens!) and wish to extend a word of appreciation for your choice to use an apostrophe with “farmers”–and as a plural.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing


  4. Interesting post. I assume you’re in the Tulsa area. Your Farmer’s Market looks great. Not sure where any are around here. I’m in the Yukon area and just joined OWFI. I’m sure we’ll meet at some point. 🙂 BTW, I usually have a difficult time leaving comments on wordpress blogs so this may appear and may be under a different name (thanks to my husband and his defunct blog).


  5. Welcome to OK and welcome to ye olde blog! 🙂 Thanks for commenting. It seems like it worked fine; I know I have a lot of trouble commenting on Blogger blogs sometimes. Also welcome to OWFI. Very supportive group. If you go to the annual conference we will definitely get to meet there. 🙂


  6. I still haven’t been to our Farmer’s Market. [hangs head in shame]
    Congrats on your radio debut. Next, you’ll have your own talk show. It’s the Kristin Nador hour, with your host, Sir Pinkerton. Heh.
    Is the lady with the face stuff still there? I loved that moisturizer. Maybe I should venture out of my cool home into the 113-degree temps to see for myself, huh?
    Out of curiosity, is your 52nd “Write Anywhere” going to be in a room filled with decks of cards? Because that would be cool. Just sayin’. Heh.


  7. I still can’t believe you did all that work for the radio station and still didn’t get any free pens!!

    I love the Farmer’s Market idea. Perhaps one day I need to get myself up early enough to hit the one on Cherry Street. 😀


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