Write Anywhere #52

We’ve made it. 52 Weeks of Write Anywhere Venues. Blow the Party Horns! LOL

Write Anywhere has been around for a year. Maybe this is your first time joining us or maybe you’ve been hanging in with me the entire year. Write Anywhere is a challenge I gave myself to write somewhere different every week. I thought it would help me deal with perfectionism and procrastination in my writing, because theoretically, writers should be able to write anywhere and I have been an expert at delaying writing because it wasn’t the ‘right’ place or time. I thought I would blog about it to see if there was anyone out there who might need the same inspiration for creativity I was trying to find. Fortunately for me, you decided to come along on the journey.

It’s been a challenging year. Some weeks I didn’t want to write anywhere. Some weeks I wasn’t able to get out for chronic illness reasons. But after a year of writing anywhere, I’ve been working toward what I set out to do: to center myself, to stop my chronic procrastination, to build discipline and consistency in a creative way for my writing goals, and to promote a dialogue with writers and other creatives.

It’s also been a fun year. I wrote on a bus, in a cemetery, in a field, in an aquarium, and at a labyrinth. I wrote in a pub and at a convent. At midnight and at sunrise. See the Write Anywhere Venues tab for a complete list. For my first Write Anywhere, I shared My Little Corner where I had a table space in my bedroom for writing. For my anniversary Write Anywhere, I’ve evolved from a space to a place.

Write Anywhere #52: Home Office

My office

I have an office! After Artist Daughter got married and she SLOWLY moved her creative self and all her paraphernalia out of her bedroom, it became my office. Some people like a minimalistic style for a workspace, but I decided I wanted mine to be fun and playful. I’ve been slowly collecting kitschy things with a tie to my childhood.

Lots of crazy colors


Pinkerton’s Perch

I’m enjoying it a lot, and this week I burrowed in at my office and got some scenes outlined on my historical fiction. It felt great to make progress.

Which brings me to what’s ahead in year two of kristin nador writes anywhere. I’ll be focusing more on creative and inspirational posts rather than blog and social media information during the next months, although my most-read posts have been informational.

Why do that?

For two reasons: there is a glut of blogs sharing blogging and social media information in the blogosphere right now and because I need to love what I’m writing if I’m going to continue to be passionate and consistent. If you’re a writer-blogger, I encourage you to do the same. If we don’t have passion, it’s hard to stick with your blog on a long-term basis. Maybe I’ll change my mind after a few months. But that’s what’s great about blogging. You can follow your interests and passions and find like-minded folks to journey with you.

That doesn’t mean I’m throwing out the informational posts, but they’ll be more curation style.  We’ll also have some interviews, picking the brains of some real creative folks, as well as book reviews and of course more Write Anywhere venues.

My schedule has also become “-ish” because I’ve neglected my priorities of my health and my novel, so I’ll be balancing my time in a way to reflect that. There will also be two new contributors joining us on our venues.

Meet Pete and Repeat. Pete is the girl.

This year’s Write Anywhere mascot couple Pete and Repeat


They’ll join me for some fun photo ops on our writing adventures from time to time.

And now what you’ve been waiting for.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Write Anywhere venues, I am having a giveaway. I want to encourage writers to write anywhere and think outside the creativity box, so here’s what 3 lucky winners will get:

  • giveaway #1: Writing Away by Lavinia Spalding, a great book about travel journaling and a pack of 2 Moleskine notebooks to get you started on your own Write Anywhere adventures.
  • giveaway #2: Crafting The Personal Essay: Writing and Publishing Creative Non-Fiction by Dinty W. Moore and a pack of Post-It notes to capture all your awesome ideas. I’m currently working through this book and it has really helped me with my writing.
  • giveaway #3: The 101 Habits of Successful Novelists by Andrew McAleer and a set of Uniball pens (my personal favorite).

How to get your name in the hat to win?

  1. Subscribe to kristin nador writes anywhere
  2. Post in the comments which giveaway you’d like to win.
  3. If you already subscribe, just post a comment telling me if there was a Write Anywhere venue that inspired you (it’s okay if you don’t have one) and which giveaway you’d like to receive.

This giveaway is only for those in the U.S. and Canada, sorry. The comments will be open for one week to give everyone a chance to enter then all the names will be thrown in my writer hat and Pinkerton will help choose the winners. I’ll announce the winners in next week’s Write Anywhere venue post.

Just for fun, head on over to hashtag #writeanywhere on Twitter anytime today from 10am to 6pm U.S. Central time where we’ll be celebrating with virtual cocktails and buffet, sharing our favorite writing venues, talking about what color I should paint my new office, and where the heck did Pete and Repeat get their names.

Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all the social sharing buttons below with your creative friends who want to get in on the fun, and make sure to wear your party hats! Thanks so much for all your support!

29 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #52

  1. This is my first Write Anywhere post– what an excellent idea. And congratulations on the new office. It’s so nice and clean (this inspires me)!! Mine is a disaster most of the time and somehow I still write. As a new follower I am excited to hear about your blogging plans. I follow lots of “trade” blogs and social networking/media/platforms is huge right now! I look forward to seeing what develops on your blog these next few months. I follow you in my reader and will add myself to your mailing list. As a newcomer if I can be so bold as to enter your contest I would like to go for #3.


  2. Well, I have just recently stumbled on your lovely blog and have been enjoying it quite a bit – and now you’re stepping back? I hope not too far. You have provided lots of tidbits to think about and I have appreciated your visits!


    • Don’t worry, readingwithrhythm, I won’t be stepping back per se, just trying to get a handle on my time. When you’re trying to write a novel, spending most of your days crafting blog posts is a little at odds. I’ll still be crafting blog posts, just not daily. Hope you’ll stick around to find out if the experiment works. 🙂

      Did you want to get in on the contest? Which giveaway?


  3. WOOHOO! Congratulations! I love the chimp names. 🙂 Now you’ll have to go to YouTube and look for Barenaked Ladies song about chimpanzees. I think Pete and Repeat would like it. 🙂


  4. I don’t know if this qualifies as a “anywhere,” but I sometimes pull out my smartphone and write in Evernote or in QuickOffice (Word compatible). In fact, I did that in the Tulsa Night Writers meeting. Tiny little keyboard, but it does capture thoughts.


  5. Congrats on 52 weeks of writing! That’s an accomplishment to be proud of. Of course, wvery once in a while, you’ll have to treat us to a “where you’re writing” post, especially if you write someplace you haven’t written before. (I love that you wrote in a cemetery, just love it!) As far as the contest, if I win, I’d love package #1. As far as the new “-ish” schedule and plan, I say go for it. I was in the same boat, posting three times a week until it became too much. Now I post once a week; it’s much better, and I get more done for my other writing outlets. Another thing that has helped is when I have a topic I know others can speak to, I invite them to guest post and do it as a series. My latest blog series was 4 posts on religion in writing. I wrote one post, with 3 guest posts. That certainly makes life easier. 🙂 If I can ever help that way with a guest post for you, just let me know. I’d be glad to do it.


    • Thanks so much for the congrats and the offer of help. Look out, I may take you up on it. 😉 I am looking forward to the ‘-ish’ it’s been a hard row to hoe three times a week constantly. Not that I made it everytime either. LOL Balance is important to keep the writing fresh, whatever kind it is you do.


  6. Congrats girl!! I’m always curious to see where you’ll end up each week, lol! Here’s to 52 MORE weeks of writing anywhere—-and don’t forget to call me when you explore the tunnels. I am all over that. 🙂


  7. YAY!!! You made it. I’m so proud of you. We need to celebrate with a party of Pinkerton, Tres, and Squeaks. Plus coffee, tea, and yummies for our tummies. Oh…and writing, of course. 🙂

    I’m also quite proud of you for realizing your limits and honing in on what’s important. There’s nothing wrong with scaling back if it means you are taking care of YOU and getting more butt-in-chair time. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE your blog and enjoy your insights into social media and blogging (you are my personal guru after all), but your passion is in your novels. Focus on breathing life into those characters and sharing your stories with the world. You are a writer, my friend, and I’m thankful I can participate in your journey.


    • Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot. I’m excited to continue the Write Anywhere journey as well as strengthen my resolve and hone my craft to get that novel finished! Why can’t we do everything all at once? 🙂 Balance, again, is always key, and I am determined to find it. Thanks for always giving me encouragement. 🙂


  8. Congrats on 52 posts! It’s a big accomplishment.
    I understand your change of theme completely. I also changed my focus to inspirational posts–this is a tough business and we have to constantly work at keeping our spirits up.
    Your office looks like a lovely place to write and I can’t wait to read your novels!
    I think my favorite Write Anywhere post was the one you wrote from the cemetary. Please put my name in the hat for #3. Have a great day!


    • Thanks Diana and thanks for the encouragement on my changes in the works. It is tough to keep the flow going, especially when you could be working on something that will bring in $$ eventually – that’s why I believe switching it up periodically will ward off frustration and burnout.

      That cemetery one was an interesting one. 🙂 Check: Name in hat for #3.


  9. Great! Love your new office. It looks so clean! 🙂 Sad to say, I’m a packrat. I’ve just been on board for the past two or three posts so I’m going to play catch-up with the others. Everything I’ve read has inspired me – that’s why I’m a follower. 🙂


    • Don’t let all the cleanliness fool you, Jess. I spiffied up to take the photo. There’s usually a flurry of papers and Post-It notes fluttering through the air. LOL So glad you’ve been inspired – hope we can all keep inspiring one another to keep working towards our goals. 🙂


  10. Hey Kristen!!!! Happy Write Anywhere Anniversary! I had no idea when I jumped on your blog months ago that Write Anywhere was a 52 week challenge. Wow! Congrats for seeing it through. I hate to tell you this but I don’t just have one Write Anywhere post, two tie for my favorites, kind of like Pete and RePete:) I loved when you wrote at the skate park because it seemed brave, daring and unexpected and I enjoyed the wildflower fields in the spring because you inspired me to get out in my own wild spaces. I’m excited to see what you’re going to do next. I’ve been thinking of some retooling for my own blog too but it will wait until mid-October after my daughter’s wedding. Thanks for doing this series, it was a fun ride!


    • So glad you were inspired, Kate! I’m revamping the blog a bit but I will still be doing the Write Anywheres. Wouldn’t it be great if there could be a 5 year anniversary? I better get that book written so I can make some money, because I will have to step outside my town before five years is up. Hehe Congrats on your daughter’s nuptials, and as a mom who’s had two daughters get married, here’s two pieces of advice: remember to breathe, and it will be funny later on. 🙂


  11. Happy anniversary, Kristin, and congratulations. I am so envious of your office! You are inspiring me. (I need as much help with the cleaning up as I do with the writing.) I’ve so enjoyed your Write Anywhere posts, as I, too, enjoy taking my notebook off to some unexpected venue. Your labyrinth post was one I connected to–I wrote in a labyrinth in 2011–and also the cemetery. Have you ever written in a gym? (one of the places I’ve enjoyed).

    I’d love to enter your contest, and I will put in for choice #2-Dinty Moore’s book.

    Looking forward to whatever posts you bring to us in year 2. Good luck finding your best rhythm. I have gone through periods of blogging daily (briefly, in a month-long challenge), three times week, and weekly. We have to make choices that leave room for all the writerly (and other) activities of life.


  12. Thank you, Judy! I haven’t written in a gym yet, but it’s on my list. I’m actually going to an MMA training gym – thought it would be interesting to gain insight on writing action and movement, but we’ll see what happens.

    You are hereby entered in giveaway #2. 🙂


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