Write Anywhere #54

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been able to devote some time to a Write Anywhere venue. Life has been full of responsibility, some illness and seriousness as of late. It’s caused a bit of a creative funk and Ye Olde Blog has been neglected.

I needed to shake myself from holding the magnifying glass over my problems and look at the world in a positive light. This week I found just the place.

Write Anywhere #54: State Fair

Tulsa State Fair 2012

I headed out on a beautiful sunny day to the State Fairgrounds. My mission: find some writing inspiration. I found plenty. The sights, sounds, and smells of the fair revived my drooping spirits and gave me some fun ideas for writing prompts.

There were lots of traditional activities like amusement rides, games, concerts, barrel-racing, 4-H projects and a petting zoo to name a few. But it’s not your mama’s state fair anymore.

Texting was actually the most popular activity: fair-goers, workers, security personnel. A worker driving a golf cart while texting almost hit an elderly couple. Oh, BTW NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE! Even if it’s a golf cart.

But if you must use your phone at the fair, they have an app for that. You can download the State Fair app to find your favorite ride, concert times, food concessions, buy tickets, peruse the Fair Pinterest boards and even find where you parked your car.

You come across some unusual booths and products at the fair, but this year you can even get your DNA put in the national database or watch veterinarians perform surgery on livestock in the surgical suite. Progress marches on.

People-watching is one of my favorite things to do, and being one anonymous person in a crowd lets me study human behavior to my heart’s content.

Generations of farm families strolled together. Groups of brightly decorated Muslim hijabs bobbed along in the crowd among Amish starched white stiff caps, cowboy hats and bandanas. Bikers and blue-haired ladies gathered together to watch a barker guess someone’s weight.

There was one thing just about everyone at the fair had in common. It was a beautiful and strange patchwork of the best of what is America: an egalitarian pursuit of happiness in the form of buying mass quantities of junky food.

And junky food there was. The myriad ways food vendors can employ deep fryers makes the mind spin. There were traditional corn dogs, Indian tacos, funnel cakes, burgers and fries. For the more adventurous the menu offered fried cheese curds, fried candy bars, and deep fried oreos. And then there were the crazy-time foods.

Pot Roast Sundae? Not too sure about that…

Wonder if they fried the watermelon in the same oil as the alligator

Bacon was the star on the midway…

Chocolate-covered bacon?

Red Velvet Funnel Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. Yum.

I went semi-traditional with my indulgence of a red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese icing. It was as huge, messy and as good as it looks.

The day was a lot of fun but I do have one suggestion for fair planners: they might want to re-think backing the food concession midway to the beef barns. The fragrance was not all that appetizing. But neither is fried butter, so go figure.

Where did you write this week?

Question: What’s your favorite fair/carnival food?

8 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #54

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been having life challenges of late. I have been very busy and thought I had simply deleted post messages in an effort to keep my virtual desk cleared. Hope things improve soon.

    Your pictures and descriptions of the fair are quite lively! The food images and names are great for one’s writing imagination (I, for one, would never put bacon and chocolate together, but I guess I’m weak on the culinary creativity) but what I really like are all the descriptions of the fair that speak to how the world both changes and stays the same–the mixture of the old and the new: farm clothes and hajibs, animals and apps.

    Looks like you had beautiful weather!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    Where the Personal and Professional Meet


    • Thanks for the well-wishes, Judy. I struggle with a chronic condition, but try to have a positive outlook. I’m getting better every day, and enjoying beautiful weather and being around people always helps.

      I agree with you about the chocolate and bacon, not two flavors I would put together. I did have a bacon cupcake once and it was surprisingly good. Just not something I would eat on a regular basis. Now plain, old bacon, that is the story of my downfall. LOL


  2. Sounds like great fun at the fair, but seeing the signs for all that fattening fried food is giving me a stomach ache! However, it would be worth it for a funnel cake – regular please (I’m a traditionalist)!


    • I was a little apprehensive about the red velvet, but it gave it just a tiny bump of flavor. It tasted pretty much like a funnel cake. Now drizzling all that icing on it was a bit much, but it’s a once a year treat so I went for it, but that was the extent of my indulgence. It was amazing to see the number of people who were scarfing down multiple goodies. Can’t imagine how their stomaches felt at the end of the day!


    • Thanks, Inion. There were many items I wanted to try just to say I tried them, the cheesecake included. But you need a small fortune if you’re going to eat a lot at the fair. That’s why it’s so hard to narrow it down. Fried thin mints was one I wanted to try.

      We lived in Georgia for a couple years and was amazed at all the fried items. Fried corn fritters one was I had never encountered before. But now I know why sweet tea is also so popular there, you need it to wash down all the yummy fried things!


  3. Can’t think of a better place to cheer up than the State Fair. Loved the pictures, and the funnel cake did look good. However, my hairdresser said that the chocolate covered bacon was a disappointment to her.


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