Write Anywhere #63

Write Anywhere is a weekly challenge to realize we can discover the fuel for creativity any place we choose. I love finding different places to get inspired and write, then sharing my experience with you on Fridays. Some weeks aren’t as conducive to exploring, with things like illness or bad weather to keep me close to home. But that’s not a problem when the adventure comes to me.

Write Anywhere #63: Kitty Sitting

tuxedo cat, photo by kristin nador

Pinkerton, always best-dressed in his tuxedo

I’m a cat lady. I don’t have a houseful of cats; Keeper Hubby nips that compulsion in the bud. I have to settle for Pinkerton. Pinkerton pretty much rules the house.

tuxedo cat on desk, photo by kristin nador

Pinkerton surveys his kingdom

That is, until it’s kitty sitting time. When Artist Daughter and Saint Nick go out of town, the grandkitties come to visit.

Tortie cat in sink, photo by kristin nador

Rei, in one of her favorite spots

Tortie cat with baby toy, photo by kristin nador

Misa loves the repurposed baby toy

Rei and Misa are Tortie siblings they adopted from an animal rescue group. They are the sweetest little ladies.

Tortie cat sleeping, photo by kristin nador

Rei on the velvet pillow. These cats are not spoiled.

Tortie cat, photo by kristin nador

Misa does her imitation of a mop.

They love attention, sitting in your lap, or just laying around. They never do anything wrong.

shredded toilet paper, photo by kristin nador

Who could have done this?

cat in waste basket, photo by kristin nador

“I was just chewing, I mean, checking for paper to recycle.”

Pinkerton tolerates them, playing with Rei on occasion. He saves all his affection for his best friend Tres.

calico cat, photo by kristin nador

Tres, the three-legged wonder

Tres is a three-legged Calico rescued from the means streets of Jenks, USA. My good writer friend and I have a deal: when one of us has to go out of town, the other watches her cat. Tres got to visit at the same time as Rei and Misa, and it was a week of kitty shenanigans.

cats playing, photo by kristin nador

Pinkerton and Tres saying hello

two cats playing, photo by kristin nador

Tres tries to get old Pinkerton energized

two cats, photo by kristin nador

“What? Everything’s fine here. Just fine…”

Tortie cat and calico cat pose in chair

Misa and Tres became good buddies

They all got to experience a tornado warning together. Stuffing them all in the closet with us would have made a good YouTube video, I’m sure.

cats watch a storm come in, photo by kristin nador

Misa and Rei watch the storm clouds move in. Later a tornado touched down about 3 miles southeast of our house. Scary!

The four of them decided the best place to hang out was at my desk, watching out the window for birds, ducks, and the occasional dog walker.

four cats at the desk, photo by kristin nador

The writing team

How did this inspire creativity? I was so immersed in kitty culture for the week that I wrote a children’s story starring a cat. It may only be read to Grandson Destined-To-Be-A-Musician, but that’s okay. I followed my creative bliss. Maybe I’ll have to get all the kitties back to visit so I can write a series… 😉

Where did you write this week?

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4 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #63

  1. A solid black mother cat & 6 kittens that appear to be about 6 to 8 weeks ole have “adopted” out back yard as their home. I’m NOT a cat person, but we’re feeding them. There’s also another adult adult cat (unsure of sex) with multiple colors with them that looks a lot like some of the kittens. They are quite feral, which is OK with me, but the mama cat shows up at the back door, sometimes even placing her paws on the storm door to look in through it and the glass in the back door. Lots of entertainment to watch, but no writing inspiration so far. Bring your nets and catch one or 3 to take home.


    • Sounds tempting, Joe, but if I brought another cat home Keeper Hubby would not be a happy camper. He’s like you, he is NOT a cat person, but has learned to tolerate them for a happy marriage. 😉


  2. Oh, I so love this post (I know I’m a little late in seeing it). How cool that your cat-sitting adventures inspired you to write a children’s story starring a cat! Pinkerton is quite a dapper little guy.

    BTW, Kristin, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that I nominated you for a Sunshine Award — I always enjoy your posts! Check out my blog post about it here: http://jillwinski.com/2013/07/20/embracing-the-everyday-the-sunshine-award/


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