Write Anywhere #65

Have you taken up the Write Anywhere Challenge?

Each week we encourage writers and other creatives to break out of their regular routines to fuel their creativity. Whether it’s a comfy spot at home, a booth in a coffee shop, or more exotic locales, changing your location can have a positive effect on your writing or other creative efforts. This week I took advantage of a perfect summer evening for inspiration.

Write Anywhere #65: Outdoor Concert

Tulsa Playboys Tuesdays In The Park Broken Arrow Oklahoma photo by kristin nador

The Tulsa Playboys swing

Our town has a summer concert series each year at a local park. The price can’t be beat (free!) and the weather was perfect, so I took my folding chair, bug spray, and notebook for a relaxing evening. This night’s concert featured the sounds of The Tulsa Playboys, a western swing group.

Tulsa Playboys Broken Arrow Oklahoma image by kristin nador

I wouldn’t say western swing is my music of choice, but it set the tone for the festive atmosphere and started growing on me. Guitars, fiddles, electric mandolins got the crowd clapping and children dancing.

Children dance, Tuesdays in the Park Broken Arrow, Oklahoma image by kristin nador

Dancing joy

Patches of lawn chairs crowded into the islands of shadow underneath the few oaks and maples. Everywhere I turned people greeted one another, spotting neighbors and old friends, generations of families, waving them down with baseball caps or a Sunday church hat or two, and if you didn’t know the folks sitting near you before you sure did by the end of the night.

Tuesdays in the Park 2013 Broken Arrow Oklahoma image by kristin nador





There were pretzels and hot dogs to buy, and the local bank passed out cupcakes for all to munch on. Dogs from Great Dane to Dachshund paraded through the throng with their humans.


dogs Broken Arrow Oklahoma 2013 image by kristin nador

doggy friends

The scene made me imagine simpler times, without our digital umbilical cords, when people weren’t passive recipients of entertainment, but had to create their own. Before computers, before movies, television, radio.

As I watched several audience members with their faces deep in their iPhones, I laughed at myself as my Pleasantville fantasy quickly dissolved. But it did give me an idea for a writing prompt. The Playboys belted out Fat Boy Rag as I packed up to leave, and a hazy sunset reminded me that I love where I live.

sunset, June 26 2013, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma image by kristin nador

Where did your creativity take you this week?

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7 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #65

  1. I should have been at that one because I like western swing and the Tulsa Playboys are the best at it. At the invitation of friends, I went to a drumming circle at LaFortune Park last Friday evening. Having no musical talent, I don’t have a drum, but it was close by and my brain was screaming for a break from the usual. The evening was perfect with shade under a park shelter, a gentle breeze and a plastic container of home baked biscuits like the ones you get at Red Lobster provided by the lady who invited me.

    Within an hour, two ladies passed their drums to me and this rhythmless white boy was tapping away. They were kind and didn’t even grin when I missed a beat and something really cool began to happen, I started feeling more relaxed than I have in decades. I left the park in an exceptionally good mood and came home and wrote like a crazy man on a zombie story I have in the works.

    I plan to go back, drumless for now to enjoy the fellowship of nice people and plan to bring a fruit tray. I won’t turn down the offer of a drum either and look forward to the relaxation it brings.


    • Wonderful, Peggy! So glad you are taking the Write Anywhere philosophy to heart. A change of scenery really can help us increase our productivity. 🙂

      I love sitting under the stars, too, but my patio needs more bug-be-gone products. I do not love bugs, and somehow June bugs love my hair. 😦


  2. You really do go to the coolest places. I need to start a “write anywhere” challenge, but I’m afraid it’d all be the same, “This week in the minivan…”

    Thanks for the inspiration, Kristin!


    • Hey, a weekly story about what inspires you while you’re tooling around in the minivan would be fun. And I’m sure humorous. You do funny like nobody’s business, lady. You should go for it. 😉


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