The Dumb Google Mistake I Made That Cost Me All My Blog Friends – Can You Help?

Caïn venant de tuer son frère Abel, by Henry Vidal in Tuileries, Paris, France courtesy Alex E. Proimos, Creative Commons

Caïn venant de tuer son frère Abel, by Henry Vidal in Tuileries, Paris, France courtesy Alex E. Proimos, Creative Commons

I was sad when Google announced they were discontinuing Google Reader RSS content aggregator on July 1st 2013. I had only recently discovered Google Reader in the last year, and it was a beautifully streamlined way to keep track of all the great blogs I was connecting with through blogging. Being able to catch up and comment on posts, favorite special ones that particularly spoke to me, and easily categorize groups of blogs was a win-win.

What was I going to do without Google Reader?

Throughout the blogosphere many offered comparable RSS content aggregator suggestions. Feedly had the most accolades. It’s structure is very similar to Google Reader, and made moving your Google Reader data into Feedly easy with a click of a button. Sign me up!

I’ve been reading my blogs on Feedly since May and it’s been great. When I took a break from blogging for carpal tunnel symptoms I also took a vacation from reading blogs. When I returned and pulled up Feedly, it was empty! Where were all my blog subscriptions?

Well, Feedly’s easy click of a button lulled me into a sense of security. I failed to read the fine print on making sure my Google Reader info stayed there once Google pulled the plug. What I should have done? Saved all my data by getting my OPML file, zipping, unzipping, and all sorts of things I didn’t do.

Thus Google Reader gone, Kristin’s blog subscriptions gone.

Lesson: read instructions carefully.

So now I am left with an empty Feedly account and all my blog subscriptions somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

And here’s where you, Dear Bloggy Friends, can help.

In honor of my dumb mistake, I’d love it if you could give me some blog recommendations. I love blogs about writing, book reviews, blogging, social media, photography, creativity, mom blogs, grandma blogs, humor blogs, pop culture blogs, history blogs, current events blogs, basically if a blog is well-written, I’m going to check it out.

Post a list of your favorites, and don’t leave out your own. Let your blog friends know so they can give a shout-out selfie here on Ye Olde Blog. Feel free to scroll through and snag some good ones for yourself.

Let the shameless plugging commence.


11 thoughts on “The Dumb Google Mistake I Made That Cost Me All My Blog Friends – Can You Help?

  1. Hey Kristin – sorry to hear of your reader problems, certainly a frustrating situation! Here are a few I follow and read on a regular basis:

    Jeff Goins –
    Michael Hyatt –
    Storyfix –
    The Creative Penn –
    Writing Excuses –
    The Minimalists –

    You probably have most of these in the mix already, but they are some of my favorites. Hope it helps get you jump-started!


    • You have good taste, Steve! I’ve followed most of those. Haven’t heard of Writing Excuses. Definitely going to check it out.

      I’ve been following Joshua Becker on Becoming Minimalist so I’m sure I’ll enjoy The Minimalists, too.

      And of course I enjoy your blog as well. (Everyone go check it out!) Fortunately I didn’t lose all the blogs I follow.

      Thanks for your recommendations!


  2. A writing blog I love is Bookshelf Muse: Be sure to check out their various thesauruses down the right-hand column.

    If you like history, I’m on a blog called Christian Fiction Historical Society. It’s a daily blog by 31 authors, and always has a history-related post.

    I don’t have a lot of time to blog, but I tend to check those two regularly.



  3. I’m sorry that happened to you. I moved to Bloglovin’ just in time. Most of the blogs I follow are genre driven. However, I think the ones offered above sound awesome. I also follow a lot of authors in the genre I write in. Anyway, feeling your pain. 😦 A couple of suggestions: Les Edgerton who wrote a book on voice and a powerful book on hooking your reader (Hooked: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers at Page One & Never Lets Them Go) has a blog: which I love to follow. He teaches writing so his is an interesting mix of genre and academia. Also, The Bookshelf Muse: Best of luck!


  4. Wishing you luck getting all you favorite blogs back in your feed. Hope you find a few new ones you’ll really enjoy as well!

    A few blogs I really enjoy are:

    Losing Sanity
    Criminal Minds
    Bike with Jackie (I particularly enjoy Steven’s posts on life and success.)

    And for my own two blogs…
    Write with TLC – where I write about social issues, personal growth, writing, and other things that interest me.
    Reviews with TLC – where I review books, restaurants, etc.


  5. Good luck getting all the blogs you like in one place again. I run a blog with my co-author. It has a writing/book focus but random themes are touched on from time to time. We have a weekly writing exercise on Sunday’s as well called Picture it & write if you’re interested. 🙂 Have a great day!


  6. I love the Creative Penn blog and Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog, Jody Hedlund’s blog, Aliventures, Blogging with Amy, Anne R Allen’s blog, Ryan Casey’s blog, and Susan Kaye Quinn. Lots of awesome tips for writers. These are my faves.

    I also share a weekly list of the best posts for writers I find called Monday Must-Reads (aka Friday Features). Not sure if you remember. That’s always an option 🙂


  7. As usual, I’m a little late to the party! I’m technologically challenged, so I don’t understand much of what happened here, but I get that it wasn’t good! Two writers-in-progress blogs that I like that I haven’t seen above are (Pursuing a passion for wrting) and (The 4:00 a.m. Writer – writing in the wee hours . .) And, of course, there’s mine on keeping fresh relationships and avoiding divorce (written with an attitude!) at

    Hope you are well on your way to being reconnected!


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