Write Anywhere #70

We’re halfway through the crazy journey I took in August. Have you been traveling with me? If not, you can follow along with these blog posts:

The next day I decided to help out by making my famous (and mostly foolproof) lasagna. I went to the local IGA for the ingredients, but still had plenty of time to myself before DTBAM (Destined-To-Be-A-Musician) got out of preschool. I thought I’d explore some of the local roadways that spread out like dusty veins from the main artery that is Interstate 70, and ended up in a spot perfect for a little writing.

Write Anywhere #70: Under A Bridge

train bridge in Pocahontas, Illinois photo by kristin nador

little bridge in a little town

Following the outer road along the interstate, I ended up in a little town called Pocahontas. I didn’t know anything about Pocahontas, other than it’s name listed on a green road sign on I-70, and the towering Powhatan Restaurant sign you can see from the highway.

Pocahontas is a village, with a current population of 850. That reminded me of the town my grandparents lived in many years ago: Ashley, Illinois, population 650. I remember looking for the sign each summer when we visited, wondering if the population number had changed. It never did.

travel creative journey to City of Pocahontas Illinois population sign photo by kristin nador

Not much to see in Pocahontas, but they do have a claim to fame. Country singer Gretchen Wilson was born and raised in Pocahontas, and even wrote a song about it, Pocahontas Proud. Pocahontas makes the most of this famous connection, with the local park renamed Gretchen Wilson Park and a sign when you enter the town.

I drove down one of the main streets for two or three blocks and discovered the undersides of a bridge full of creativity.

bridge Pocahontas Illinois

I found a spot to park my car, walked back to the bridge, and sat on the curb in front of the mural with my notebook. I wrote for about 20 minutes, and was disappointed no one drove past. The bridge held up train tracks , and I hoped a train might rumble over, but all was peace and quiet. I guess not too much happens in a lot of small towns. At least that we know about. 😉

Did you discover a place that fueled your creativity this week?

19 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #70

    • Peggy, this is in Pocahontas, Illinois, which is southern Illinois. I wonder how many towns named Pocahontas there are? I feel Google calling me. 😉

      Yes, there is definitely a unique feel to small towns that you can’t really find anywhere else.


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  5. I have family there and I visited there about 45 years ago. My uncle was the sheriff. I still remember the city so vividly. I remember one night the Powhatan sign caught fire and we walked to go see it. I really should go for a visit.


  6. I love this little town. Trains go by fairly frequently actually! I’m surprised you didn’t catch one 🙂 my kids enjoy “Thomas” chugging by.
    You should go out to iron gate in greenville if you want a cool place 🙂 there’s a lot of rumors flying around about it 😉


  7. Pocahontas is a great friendly small town, great antique shops, and great places to eat around the area, Nuby’s Steakhouse just located three miles east of Pocahontas off of route 40 and other places in town


  8. My family from this town and my daughter goes to school there know alot of people there and it’s really a small town were everyone know everythang u do


  9. My parents own the house at the top of the hill just to the right of this photo. Its where I grew up. An interesting fact, prior to the city painting this mural on the bridge, as a young teenager, me and a friend took it upon ourselves to get into mischief and we painted some really big pieces of artwork that I guess you would consider graffiti. It was enough to get the local newspaper to write a report on it and ask the question “are gangs moving into pocahontas?”. I still get a kick out of that.


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