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Write Anywhere #71

Here’s another twist on my interesting August adventure. I hope it inspires you to look for creativity and inspiration wherever you might find yourself. If you aren’t up-to-date on the trip so far, you can follow along through these past blog posts:

On my drive back into town, I stopped at the stop light in front of one of the two biggest employers in town: the Federal Prison. The other is a Christian college. The prison houses minimum security federal prisoners. Bet there are a lot of stories in there. On the right corner I spotted a brown road sign that said ‘Tourist Attraction: Marcoot Creamery 3 miles.’ On a whim I took a right and decided to follow the signs and see what I would find.

Write Anywhere #71: Creamery

Marcoot Creamery, Greenville, Illinois, photo by kristin nador, kristin nador writes anywhere

Marcoot Jersey Creamery

The street became a two-lane blacktop and soybean, corn, and wheat crops made a patchwork of the fields as I continued on farther into the rural landscape. Three turkey buzzards refused to allow me to take their picture, my payback for rudely interrupting their roadkill dinner. I passed dilapidated and abandoned farms and wondered if this creamery might look like its neighbors.

abandoned barn, Greenville, Illinois photo by kristin nador, for kristin nador writes anywhere blog

ghost barn

Just when I decided to turn around, over a hill stood the dairy farm.

working dairy farm

working dairy farm

Marcoot Jersey Creamery continues the tradition of dairy farming started seven generations before by their Swiss ancestors. The comfort of the storefront filled with cheeses and ice creams offered a cool respite from the August heat. Since I was the only tourist for the moment, I was given a casual tour of the cheese-making going on that day.


chopping the curds

chopping the curds

The best part of the tour: samples! Cheese, cheese curds, cheese spreads, and beer cheese. Yum!

Then it was back out into the heat for a self-guided tour of the calf barn. Even with large fans going it was full of flies, but are these guys cute or what:

Jersey calf, Marcoot Creamery, Greenville, Illinois, photo by kristin nador

big brown eyes

Jersey calf #2, Marcoot Creamery, Greenville, Illinois, photo by kristin nador

so sweet

I didn’t do any writing at the dairy farm, but I journaled about it later. I thought I’d take BAM back there for the tour and an ice cream cone, until discovering one of the few things he has a thing about: flies. Oh well, maybe when you’re older, BAM.

Where did you write this week?

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