Write Anywhere #75

I believe you can find the fuel for creativity anywhere.

I’m kind of passionate about it.

I think it stems from a conversation I had when I was young and impressionable. Not really a conversation but a statement presented to me as gospel. Someone who I looked up to and was supposed to be a nurturing presence told me I wasn’t creative. Flat out. Not creative.

Oh, yes, you are a pretty girl and yes, very smart. But you can’t do ‘arty’ things.

This person told me

you are either born with creativity or you aren’t, and if you aren’t, that was that. Only artists or those who did arts and crafts were creative. Since I was neither, I was not. This person said I should think about working hard at my schoolwork and doing something ‘practical’ for a career.

Of course, now being older and wiser, I know that statement to be erroneous and narrow-minded. A look around creation will show you that: creativity and innovation from top to bottom. Creativity is everywhere, and anyone can be creative.

Still, I think it stuck in my child’s mind, and later in high school when I had opportunities to participate in typical creative endeavors, like drama, art, and creative writing, I passed them by. It wasn’t until college that I indulged my creativity here and there, mainly through writing, and I began to understand that creativity is not a quantified commodity for only a privileged few, but that anyone can tap into creative thought and fashion something from that thought, whether they are in the arts, at their job, or caring for a home and family.

Today, I’m a seeker and student of the creative process. Sometimes it takes the form of writing or photography. Sometimes it takes the form of enjoying other people’s creativity through reading, music, architecture, technological innovation, film, food, or visual arts. Also watching children as they poke and prod at the world, seeing what it’s all about, and the innovative ways they try to make sense of things.

The primary way I stir up my personal creative spark is by exploring different places. And not necessarily ‘different’ places, but looking at places in different ways. It helps me get outside of my self and my normal limiting and introverted existence.

That’s why I like to share my write anywhere venues through this blog. To encourage others to see things in a different light. To give them permission to make an appointment for their own creativity to ferment. To acknowledge that their words and ideas have value and are worth giving voice to. And to maybe catch someone who was like I once was: believing they have nothing creative to offer the world but deep inside not quite having completely succumbed to the lie.

The world needs your voice, whatever form it takes.

So with all those lofty thoughts swirling around in my gray matter on a gray rainy day, I decided to get a different point of view. Armed with a large umbrella, some galoshes, and my trusty camera, I marched out into the weather.

Write Anywhere #75: Rain Walk

rain boots, photo by kristin nador

It’s a rare treat here in Oklahoma to enjoy a gentle soaking rain. In this part of the country, extreme heavy storms or no rain at all is business as usual. On this day it rained and rained, and without thunderstorm intensity. A perfect day for walking in the rain.

It took me a bit to balance the giant golf umbrella between my neck and shoulder while snapping photographs, but I managed. I walked all through the neighborhood searching for interesting textures and colors.

stonework, photo by kristin nador

dripping leaves, photo by kristin nador

raindrops in pond, photo by kristin nador

raindrops in a pond

red leaves, photo by kristin nador

last colors of autumn

water, photo by kristin nador

sewer, photo by kristin nador

ducks in the rain, photo by kristin nador

ducks walking in the rain, too

evergreen in the rain, photo by kristin nador

worm in the rain, photo by kristin nador, kristin nador writes anywhere blog

umbrella, photo by kristin nador, kristin nador writes anywhere blog

roses and raindrops, photo by kristin nador, kristin nador writes anywhere blog

the world needs your voice

The following day it cleared up, and I was doing a little damage control in my front yard when my elderly neighbor from across the street came over to say hello. He said he had seen me walking in the rain the day before, and he’d thought about coming out and asking if everything was okay.

“I thought there might be something wrong, because people don’t normally just walk around in the rain like that for hours. I mean, unless someone has a problem or they’re crazy or something.” He laughed a little nervously and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Nothing wrong at all. In fact it was a perfect day. I got a lot accomplished. I was taking photographs.”

“Of what?”

“Whatever I thought looked interesting. I’m a writer and it gives me ideas. Thanks for being concerned, though.”

I smiled and didn’t elaborate. We talked a little more about the weather, and how we were finally going to get a break from mowing twice a week, and local politics. Then he crossed the street back to his house, shaking his head as he went.

I’m sure that will liven up the neighborhood grapevine. I don’t mind.

I guess I’m one of the crazy ones.

Where did you find the fuel for creativity this week?

13 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #75

  1. First, as having been told that, and treated like like, I would never amount to anything more than a mess of trouble I can appreciate what you have overcome. You have shown tremendous strength,

    Second, the pictures here are lovely. Did you take them?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos/


    • Thank you for stopping by, Marc. Yes, I took all the photos.

      I think we all have times in life we are not treated well. Using that to learn and be stronger from it will give us the best life. It’s not easy, but it pays better dividends than letting bitterness rule your life.

      Best wishes to you. 🙂


  2. Love the notion of letting the everyday inspire even more creativity – simply by looking at it differently. (Why did the earthworm cross the crack? To get to the other side!) I know – a bit warped. But isn’t that what creativity stems from?


  3. Your words and lovely photos made me think about so many things. But guilt is the strongest emotion it evoked. Someone once described my husband as creative and I scoffed. Then the friend explained how he came up with inspired and innovative approaches to computer systems. My narrow world view of creativity was changed forever. Now, I see how he is creative in many ways that I am not. I also see how most people possess a creative side and I’m grateful to those who express it. Our world would be so dull if it were painted with only one form of creativity.


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