Moving Forward When Life Goes Sideways

Smash, courtesy Jef Poskanzer, Creative Commons

Smash, courtesy Jef Poskanzer, Creative Commons

I had a plan. I really did.

It was a great plan.

A calendar filled with my writing plans, blog posts, and craft book study for 2014. It was going to be a great year. I was going to be productive, prolific, and positive.

That lasted about one month.

Then life happened.

Unemployment, urgent money issues, health and pain issues, surgeries.

In the midst of all that, Artist Daughter and Saint Nick, along with Poet Son moved to the mountains of Montana. Although I am happy for their adventure, my home and my mother’s heart is a little emptier.

I feel the specters of anxiety and depression tapping at the window, hoping I’ll throw up the sash and let them stay a while.

And just when things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, they got better.

(You thought I was going to go on whining, didn’t you?)

As it seems to happen, grace flows in the midst of struggle, and a job opportunity presented itself. Now Keeper Hubby and I will also be traveling a new path, discovering a new adventure.

We’ll be leaving behind the purple sunsets of Oklahoma that we’ve grown to love for seventeen years for the bluegrass of Lexington, Kentucky.

So as surgeries heal and health improves, we are busy with packing, selling our house, and trying to figure out how to move four cats 725 miles (!)

And why tell you all this?

Because maybe you had a plan, too.

And life got all stuck and smeared in the teeth of your plans, like a piece of black licorice that reveals itself every time you smile.

Learn to ebb and flow with the things we can’t control by corralling the things we can control.

Be gentle with yourself.

Find your peace on the inside.

Flow around obstacles like water.

When the chaos slows down, you can easily readjust to being productive, prolific, and positive.

That’s my plan, anyway. 😉

I apologize for the huge silence on this blog for the last month, and I may be posting less often until the dust settles, but I hope you’ll stick it out with me.

I’m still going to work that writing and blog post plan going forward, and now some opportunities for new Write Anywhere venues seem likely.

Have you had any chaotic life situations that have thwarted your writing plans? How did you handle it?

22 thoughts on “Moving Forward When Life Goes Sideways

  1. Wow, Kristin! I wish you all the best on this new adventure! I’m glad things are improving for you. {{{HUGS}}}

    My writing plans get thwarted all the time. I’ve learned to survive on less sleep. Not ideal, but it’ll have to do until I perfect my clone. 😀


  2. You’ll love Bluegrass country! We lived in Lexington for a while (my hubby attended UK…go Wildcats!). The horse farms, the rolling hills…I’m so glad you’ve found this new opportunity. Best wishes as the adventure unfolds.


  3. What is it about Kentucky that attracts writer? I know some authors who live in Kentucky. If I had to leave Oklahoma, it’s one of the states I’d like to wind up in.

    I’ve had my challenges this year, too. My wife saw a doctor in January and was scheduled for a shoulder joint replacement surgery last month. The doctor’s appointment was on a Monday and on that following Friday she fell while trying to step up on a friend’s porch and broke multiple bones in her foot. They required surgery to correct the breaks and it just happened that the surgeon who was to do her shoulder also worked on her foot.

    She was able to get the shoulder surgery as scheduled and, as she is right handed, I had to spend the next four weeks in her hospital room at St. Francis Hospital. I can tell you from personal experience that a hospital room does not make a good writing cave, but that the Table Mate folding table is everything they say it is and more!

    How did I handle all this? I took it one day at a time, focusing on my wife first and then my writing. When I found I was in a hole, I went back and re-read my manuscript, editing as I went, so i could pick up the story again. Though it was a bit frustrating at the time, I think it’s made my story stronger.

    Because I know you’re probably wondering–my wife is recovering nicely. She’s in a skilled nursing facility but she should be coming home soon-perhaps a bit too soon, as I may need to stop writing for a day or two to clean up the house!


    • Wow, you did have some challenges. So glad your wife is recovering well. Sounds like you adapted well with your writing during the challenges, but I’m sure the frustration level could get a bit tiresome. Happy to know things are working out for the both of you.


  4. All the best to you as you adjust to a new way of life. Think of it as an adventure because you’ll meet new people and see and learn new things. My life is quite hectic most of the time so writing is sometimes off schedule.


  5. Well, I have missed you lately. But I’m glad to hear that you have your eye on new horizons. Just keep wagging your tail and all is good! I’m a little worried about your long trek accompanied by 4 cats! Whew!


    • Thanks for the concern, Rhythm. We’ve been able to place two of our sweetie cats until we can find a new house. Starting there with an apartment that will only take 2 of our 4. But at least they are together with a very caring person who will spoil them rotten until we can all be reunited. As far as the actual drive with the other two cats, I’ll let you know how it goes. They seem to like traveling short distances, hopefully that will translate.


  6. I know we don’t see you and Dave very often, but we’ll miss having dinner with you guys. I’m excited for you at the new door God has opened.


  7. Oh, so many times! The secret is to do just what you suggest, ‘flow around obstacles like water’…lovely phrase…
    Hope your move goes well and you keep writing and being creative as you go. Take photos and write about what you see and how you feel as you travel. New experiences are wonderful fodder for a writer. 🙂


  8. Best of luck with the move. Mary and I moved from Chicago to Atlanta (roughly the same distance) with five cats, and did it all in a day. The three cats who had been tranquilized were much noisier than the two who weren’t. Go figure.


    • Wow! Now that’s an adventure! I am still up in the air on the tranquilizers. I had my vet prescribe them, but I had the same noise experience with another cat many years ago. Didn’t move around much, but boy, he moaned and groaned and howled the entire time. Sounded so pitiful.


  9. Wow, Kristin. You must be a blogging guru because I was in desperate need of this post. 😉 I’ve been having a lot of issues sprouting up here and there amidst the editing of our newest novel, New Salem Chronicles: The 13 Reapers. And, I haven’t been dealing well with them at all. I needed to hear you remind me to be gentle with myself, find my peace on the inside and flow around obstacles like water. I will be tacking those wonderful gems onto my wall right beside my bed to remind myself. Thanks again.


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