What Exactly Does Facebook “Friend” Mean? The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Have you ever been offended by a Facebook ‘friend’s status? ‘Unfriended’ (how is this a word now?) someone because of what they post? Thought about chucking it all and deleting your Facebook account?
Read this blog post from the wonderful Kristen Lamb, where she honestly deconstructs Facebook friends, virtual offenses, and how to deal with them all.

Kristen Lamb's Blog


What is a “friend?” That’s a good question. One of my personal peeves about The Modern Age, is that English is a very rich language and too often words are employed as a synonym when they aren’t. A HUGE bugaboo? A 13 year-old girl cannot be mature unless maybe she survived a concentration camp or other horrific events (and even then she could actually be emotionally stunted). Maturity only comes from life experience. She is too young to be mature.

The kid can be precocious, meaning she seems very adult-like. The danger in using these two words as synonyms is they AREN’T. Often a precocious child will be given more freedom than is age-appropriate or even handed burdens and responsibilities that are NOT age-appropriate.

For instance, I did most of the accounting, banking and bills by the age of twelve. I helped my mother get through nursing…

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2 thoughts on “What Exactly Does Facebook “Friend” Mean? The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  1. I thought she had some great points, but her posts are too long for my taste. I know current research says long articles (perceived as more valuable) are more shared than short articles and based on Kristen’s shares this may be true), but is everybody who’s sharing reading the whole thing?


  2. Good point, Shel. I don’t know about everybody, but I did read this article. I have to admit some longer posts I might only skim if I’m not really keen on the subject matter. I think Kristen does write longer articles, but keeps her readership large because her audience is invested not just in her information, but in her. She does a great job of sharing her life and struggles other writers can relate to, as well as the facts and statistics, so maybe that’s why her long posts get shared so much.

    Personally, I think if bloggers are going to write longer essay-type posts, they should not post as often, as people can get info-weary. And as a society we are getting more used to short bits of info with bullet points to make skimming for the facts you are looking for easy. Those types of posts work best for sharing information and facts, while longer posts with a more personal essay or inspirational type feel may be better used for just that, personal stories, rather than educating or fact-finding. The bottom line is still good content and whether the reader thinks it’s worth their time to read longer posts.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment! 🙂


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