5 Ways Blog Reader Surveys Help Increase Your Blogging Audience

Frontier Fiesta, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Frontier Fiesta, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador


Do you wonder if anyone is reading your blog?


The comment area looks so lonesome, the analytics don’t change a lot. You’re writing good content. At least you think so.

So what’s the problem?

Maybe you need to do a blog survey and find out.


Every blogger should do a blog reader survey to help them understand who reads their blog, and how they can offer the best content to meet their readers’ needs.


Reader feedback is one of the easiest ways to understand what is working and what isn’t with your blog. You may write your passion, but if no one is reading, you have to decide to be okay with that. If you’re not okay with it, be open to finding out what you can do to make a greater impact with your blog posts.

This doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Just ask a question as a blog post, and see what your readers have to say in the comments. Facebook has a widget to set up a question/poll for readers or you can crowdsource on Twitter. But I think the best gauge will be on your blog itself, because it should be your main base of operations for your readers to connect with you.

You can also get fancy with a full-on survey from a platform like Survey Monkey or other plug-ins.

You don’t have to ask a million questions to discover your readers preferences.

With only seven questions I found out that:

  • Over 60% of my readers are writers who have been writing for 6 years or longer.
  • Over 70% have an established blog.
  • Age runs the gamut for my readers, but tied for the majority is the 21 – 30 age group, and the 41 – 50 age group. No readers under the age of 21 participated in the survey.
  • The category my readers tune in for is writing, with creativity running a close second. History and midlife don’t rate that well, and pop culture barely registers.
  • Many of my readers struggle with the same issues: making time for creativity, procrastination, and self-doubt, but feel stronger about writing craft skills.
  • Facebook is the social media of choice. Twitter is popular, but Instagram, not so much.

How does all this data help me?

I can put together a profile of my reader, and focus quality content on the subjects they want. I don’t have to give up my interests in less popular topics, but maybe a history post every other month is plenty. I enjoy writing blog posts, but my hope is that it also inspires others, so sharing content that people want to read about can spark that connection.

It also inspires me to keep blogging. I’ve struggled to stay consistent during 2014 due to a lot of personal issues, but I do have faithful readers. (Thank you so much!)  Blogging helps me improve my writing skills, but knowing that someone reads what I write encourages me to keep going.

Thinking about creating a blog survey?

Here are 5 ways a blog survey can help you make your blog the best it can be:


  1. Helps You Discover Your Ideal Reader

When you know your reader well, you can tailor your blog posts to make the greatest impact.

  1. Helps You Get Realistic About Your Impact

How many people truly read your blog posts on a regular basis? Less than you thought? Think about strategies to change that.

  1. Gives You Freedom To Quit

If your regular readership is minuscule to none, and you’ve lost your fire for your blog’s current direction maybe it’s time for a retool. Sometimes starting fresh is the thing we need to find blogging success.

How To Quit Your Blog by Jeff Goins

  1. Gives You Freedom To Keep Going

Maybe you thought you should chuck it all, your blog is dying a slow death. But when you realize you do have faithful readers, look to them to give yourself freedom and permission to keep blogging.

  1. Gives You Inspiration To Expand

Are you surprised or frustrated with your lack of reader response? Let it burn a desire to change that by writing great content and posting consistently!


Some blogs want to “sell” something, whether it’s a book, or a philosophy, or a ‘brand’. Some offer entertainment, or educational content. Others are just personal writings that collect a like-minded following. Either way, learning more about our readers can only give us more tools to create our very best blog posts.

Want more information about blog surveys and blog reader profiles?

One of the important things I discovered is that my regular readers spend their social media time on Facebook. In order to have a gathering place on that platform, I launched a Facebook page for kristin nador writes anywhere, where I hope we can connect on a daily basis with curated content focused on writing, creativity, blogging, and social media. I’ll share what’s available on the blog, but also what I’m finding on other blogs, fun questions and contests, and thoughts about what’s happening out in social media land.

Please come by and “Like” our Facebook page and let’s do some brainstorming together!

Will you try a blog survey? How have you connected with your ‘ideal reader’?

17 thoughts on “5 Ways Blog Reader Surveys Help Increase Your Blogging Audience

    • Thanks for stopping by! Going to the source can sometimes be scary, because you might not like what they have to say, but if you want to make long-term connections with your readers, it’s worth facing the unknown. 😉


  1. I’ve got a few sites and just haven’t gotten around to doing a reader survey for any of them. I don’t have any good reasons for this sorry state of affairs either (time-poor is pretty much the sole excuse). This post clearly identifies the value of undertaking one. Hmm, better rethink my schedule and get my butt into putting one together. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!


  2. Wow, thanks for this post. I’ve heard that reader surveys are valuable but I haven’t made the time to do one before. This would so help streamline what to post about and how to share it with my readers. So interesting–thanks! 🙂


    • You’re welcome! I’m so glad I did mine, because I feel freedom now to narrow my focus here, and knowing that those are the subjects my readers want to read helps me to not be afraid to push the ‘publish’ button when I do. Although I’m always nervous hitting ‘publish’. 😉


  3. Interesting read and wonderful idea readers survey to help with blogging I would not have taught of this. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hello! New reader/follower from the Learn to Blog Facebook page. These are excellent tips. I’ve been thinking about doing a survey for a while now and your post has given me the nudge I needed to just do it. Thank you!


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