Write Anywhere #81: Weekend Wanderings

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

Do you ever plan to NOT make a plan?

I am a planner. I have lists, and lists of lists. It’s not that I am necessarily skilled at fulfilling the plan, but giving myself structure helps me make progress. Even with all my planning, I find myself in a general pattern of creative ups and downs. Spurts of creative productivity punctuated by dry spells  filled with frustration, anxiety, and low spirits. I’m working at being more balanced, but it will be a lifetime journey.

I don’t do well at spontaneous. It can even make me nervous. That whole facade of control, you know.

Some days though, the stars align, and I agree to throw out the list for the day. Keeper Hubby is good at helping me do that. He helps me get out of my always-so-serious mode and enjoy the moment, live in the present, and laugh at myself. Another one of so many reasons that he is a Keeper. 😉

We spent a day letting nothing in particular dictate our plans, and it refreshed my creative focus.

violets, Japanese Friendship Garden, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

Make room for creative adventures

Our stomachs dictated our first stop.

We discovered breakfast at a local BBQ spot.

Babe's BBQ restaurant, Georgetown Kentucky photo by kristin nador

Babe’s BBQ in Georgetown Kentucky. Highly recommended!

Southern breakfast, Babe's BBQ, Georgetown, Kentucky May 2015 photo by kristin nador

A yummy breakfast treat










Besides the typical Southern breakfast, I added a slice of smoked bologna. Yummy nostalgic choice.

After our biscuits and gravy, we wandered down the street to the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Hubby found a trail I’d never seen before. It led to a walkway that went under a bridge where we discovered a beautiful little spot on North Elkhorn Creek. We lingered, enjoying the spring air and rushing waters.

North Elkhorn Creek, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

Rushing waters

We met a couple of local fishermen trying out their lines. The creek was still at high levels after record rains, but they showed us rough waters didn’t diminish their fishing prowess.

fishermen, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015











A couple of ducks played peekaboo under the trees.

Ducks on North Elkhorn Creek, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015

Ducks playing peekaboo

The afternoon helped me get back on the upswing in my attitude towards my writing.

Author Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way promotes ‘Artist’s Dates’ as a way to help open yourself to creative inspiration, insight, and guidance. An Artist Date is a block of time you set aside weekly to commit to nurturing your inner artist. (Sounds kind of like a Write Anywhere Venue, yes?)

Usually this type of activity is best done solo, but if you have someone willing to join your adventure, and doesn’t mind the silences while your creative wheels are spinning, I think its fine to take along a partner in crime once in a while.

Planning for productivity is always good, but sometimes unscheduled wanderings are just as productive.

Where’s a place you could wander and explore this weekend?


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3 thoughts on “Write Anywhere #81: Weekend Wanderings

  1. A change of scene, a change of routine–they’re energizing and can juice up the creativity. I try to keep a notebook handy wherever I wander. You never know when the perfect line, the outline for a story is going to hit–especially if you’re relaxing along a nature path or wherever. As you suggest, there is no listicle for inspiration.


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