Write Anywhere 082

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

Fall is my favorite time of year. The oppressive bake of summer gives way to the cool morning crispness of autumn that favors hot tea, cinnamon oatmeal, and leisurely walks. It also brings harvest time. In the midwest where I grew up 

Fall was golden fields of wheat, crunchy piles of leaves, and trick or treat.

Last fall I spent a month with my daughter and her family waiting for my second grandson to arrive, enjoying Illinois small town life, harvest festivals, and soft baby fingers.

This fall here in Kentucky trees bursting into flames of red and orange dot the landscape, and canary hued tobacco fields next to the tawny stubble of cleared harvest form a patchwork territory. Passing the ever-present horse farms in the early morning, curlicues of frosty breath rise in clouds from the huddles of meticulously cultivated equine flesh and the brilliant green of fields dull in preparation for colder days.

Kentucky Horse Park at morning, Lexington Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

Another thing I love about fall is apples. Sweet, crunchy, refreshing apples. And don’t get me going on caramel apples. One afternoon last week I needed to run some errands, and the warm sun and cool breezes talked me into taking a break to get out in the sunshine. My kitchen stash of apples was depleted, so I knew where to go.

Write Anywhere 082: Apple Orchard

Evans Orchard and Cider Mill, Georgetown, Kentucky, 2015, photo by kristin nador

Evans Apple Orchard and Cider Mill is a cool family-run farm about 5 miles from where I live in Georgetown, Kentucky. It’s a fun place for families, with play areas, U-pick orchards, hay rides, a gift shop, and a cafe with outdoor seating. October is the time not only for apples, but wandering through the pumpkin fields to pick the perfect pumpkin. Decorative gourds of all types sit in bins waiting to be picked for fall accents in someone’s home.

Horse drawn hay wagon ride, Evans Orchard, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

pumpkin patch, Evans Orchard, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

gourds, Evans Orchard, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

It was fun watching the families: moms with strollers, toddlers hugging pumpkins with big smiles, boys and girls climbing hay bales, riding ’tractor’ tricycles, whooshing down the long slide, and everyone in the hay wagons as the horses tromped along pulling them around the farm. I found a lovely wood glider in the midst of it all to soak up the sun. I pulled out my journal and wrote about missing my children and grandchildren, Kentucky sunshine, and other things rolling around in my brain.

Evans Orchard, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

After a nice sunbath, I stepped into the gift shop, where the fragrance of fresh apples, fried pies, and homemade fudge is a combination that’s hard to resist. They have about 12 different types of fudge: everything from traditional to snickers to praline. The flavor I get weak in the knees over is red velvet cake fudge. It’s sinful, y’all. But since I’ve changed my eating lifestyle, I had to avoid the fudge counter and pick out some apples instead. They had some beautiful Honeycrisp apples that I happily gathered into a bushel basket.

apple trees, Evans Orchard, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

apples, Evans Orchard, Georgetown, Kentucky 2015 photo by kristin nador

Add to that a couple jars of honey (local from the orchard) and I had a lovely autumn haul to take home. The apples are so big Keeper Hubby and I can share one and be satisfied. I might say we will enjoy these apples through the rest of the season, but I’m pretty sure they’ll disappear faster than we think. Plus, if I go back to the orchard, I may have to try a fudge sample. Just to make sure they’re keeping up their standards.

What’s your favorite fall treat?

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6 thoughts on “Write Anywhere 082

    • Thank you! I wish I could have shown some of the fun the children were having, but I don’t like to freak parents out by taking pictures of their little ones. The horses were a good stand-in. 🙂


    • I don’t know if it was really willpower or the guilt I would feel at blowing my no-sugar streak. Hubby and I are on Day 43 of no sugar or white flour products. He’s lost 20 lbs! I’ve lost…5. But slow and steady wins the race. But not the fudge. LOL

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