Write Anywhere 083: Montana Mountains

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

Do you ever wish you could get away from it all?

One of this year’s many challenges has been to keep on task with my Write Anywhere goals of finding interesting and inspiring places to stir up my writing creativity. Finances, Keeper Hubby’s health, as well as my own aches and pains, have kept me home at times when I would have liked to go out exploring new spots and practicing my writing and photography skills.

I love the challenge of going other places for two reasons: it helps me be present and focused by making specific times for creativity, and it helps me push down the symptoms of panic disorder that would prefer me to lock myself away. Sometimes that’s hard to deal with, but my creative voice is more valuable to me than the discomfort I deal with when I make myself vulnerable by getting out in public venues.

I didn’t expect the situation to change much through this year and had resigned myself to that fact with more than a hint of frustration. But at the end of fall sweet Hubby made it possible for me to take a much-needed caregiver’s break to explore a fascinating place with some of my favorite people.

Write Anywhere 083: Montana Mountains

mountainside, Montana, 2015, photo by kristin nador


Artist Daughter, her husband St. Nick, and Poet Son all moved to the mountains of Montana almost two years ago. I could barely contain my excitement at being able to visit them for the first time, see their new home, and enjoy the sights for ten days. What I didn’t expect was how much we would be able to squeeze into those ten days. There’s so much to share about I’ll be doing at least three posts on it!

After flying from Kentucky and a six hour layover in Minneapolis, I dragged myself into my hotel bed in Bozeman, Montana at 2:00 am. The kids picked me up in the morning for breakfast and the drive to Livingston, about thirty minutes east. Twisting along Interstate 90, the mountains saluted us and their majestic beauty took my breath away.

Later I found they literally took my breath away as I had a lot of trouble properly filling my lungs. Going from living at an elevation of 978 ft. up to the thinner air of 4500 ft. in Livingston affected me more than I expected. I may have had a bit of altitude sickness, so we didn’t hike any mountains or travel to nearby Yellowstone, but waking up to this view every morning helped ease the pain a bit.


mountains, Livingston, Montana, 2015, photo by kristin nador

front porch greeting


Besides enjoying my children’s company, each day I felt the layers of stress and anxiety peel back, and in their place, peace and strength that accompanied me in years past waved little hellos in billowing ochre grasses and bobble head sunflowers.


View of Absaroka Mountain Range, Livingston, Montana, 2015, photo by kristin nador

Absaroka Mountain range in distance


sunflower with bee, Montana, 2015, photo by kristin nador

sunflower and bee


The writing barricades started to fall as well, and instead of avoiding opening my journal, I looked forward to sitting on the front porch and letting the words flow.


chair and journal, 2015, photo by kristin nador

where inspiration happens


The porch offered plenty of opportunities to let my senses be engulfed by the beauty of the mountains.


“Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth finds reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

-Rachel Carson


Some notes from my journal:


“The quiet insinuates itself into your soul by its omnipresence. Each sound fills its own place, no confusion. The wind whistles a lonesome tune, the occasional moan of a train horn, a truck kicking up gravel as it makes its way up the mountain. Bees buzz a chorus around their hollyhock maestro, mice and ground squirrels scuttle about through the scrub.”


mountain plants, photo by kristin nador


hollyhocks, Montana, photo by kristin nador


“The mountains loom ever-present protectors, ancient ones, adorned with vestments of granite and pine. They are the same, eternal, but different each day, each hour. Light, sky, cloud shape their countenance. From every angle I see something new to capture through a lens, through a word, and I see the pale blue of my daughter’s eyes reflected as a crown above this promontory kingdom. No wonder they love it here.”



Absaroka Mountains from Livingston, Montana photo by kristin nador

big sky country


“A chill settles over the valley as the clouds roll off the mountains. A few stray raindrops tease me, then disappear. Three quail scatter out of the tall grass with a undignified squawk while a horse whinnies in the distance. My jacket isn’t enough to stop the wind from biting. Crickets and grasshoppers fill the air with their last autumn chorus. The lights down in the town pop on one by one like little nuggets of topaz arrayed in a valley of charcoal twilight. The sun is setting.”


sunset, Livingston, Montana, photo by kristin nador

You can discover the fuel for creativity anywhere: in your home, in your neighborhood, across your state or across the globe, but the key is to continue to look for ways to energize your skills, abilities, and inspirations so you can be your best creative self.

Do you enjoy nature?  Where’s your favorite spot? What do you like about it?

Let us know in the blog comments or continue the conversation over at our Facebook page



4 thoughts on “Write Anywhere 083: Montana Mountains

  1. Great pictures and your journal excerpts are great. I love nature. When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate all the beauty around me, but I do now. I’m very grateful for my travels and being able to submerge myself in nature and other cultures. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I really enjoyed this journey through the Montana mountains through your words and photos, Kristin. It’s a part of the country I’ve always wanted to visit, so thanks for reminding me of it. I’m hopeful that your 2016 is even better than 2015. I notice you mentioned some trials and tribulations you face on a daily basis and hope that those aren’t too much of a burden on you in the coming year. All the best and I hope to read more from you in the future! Take care, Kristin.


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