Write Anywhere #65

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Each week we encourage writers and other creatives to break out of their regular routines to fuel their creativity. Whether it’s a comfy spot at home, a booth in a coffee shop, or more exotic locales, changing your location can have a positive effect on your writing or other creative efforts. This week I took advantage of a perfect summer evening for inspiration.

Write Anywhere #65: Outdoor Concert

Tulsa Playboys Tuesdays In The Park Broken Arrow Oklahoma photo by kristin nador

The Tulsa Playboys swing

Our town has a summer concert series each year at a local park. The price can’t be beat (free!) and the weather was perfect, so I took my folding chair, bug spray, and notebook for a relaxing evening. This night’s concert featured the sounds of The Tulsa Playboys, a western swing group.

Tulsa Playboys Broken Arrow Oklahoma image by kristin nador

I wouldn’t say western swing is my music of choice, but it set the tone for the festive atmosphere and started growing on me. Guitars, fiddles, electric mandolins got the crowd clapping and children dancing.

Children dance, Tuesdays in the Park Broken Arrow, Oklahoma image by kristin nador

Dancing joy

Patches of lawn chairs crowded into the islands of shadow underneath the few oaks and maples. Everywhere I turned people greeted one another, spotting neighbors and old friends, generations of families, waving them down with baseball caps or a Sunday church hat or two, and if you didn’t know the folks sitting near you before you sure did by the end of the night.

Tuesdays in the Park 2013 Broken Arrow Oklahoma image by kristin nador





There were pretzels and hot dogs to buy, and the local bank passed out cupcakes for all to munch on. Dogs from Great Dane to Dachshund paraded through the throng with their humans.


dogs Broken Arrow Oklahoma 2013 image by kristin nador

doggy friends

The scene made me imagine simpler times, without our digital umbilical cords, when people weren’t passive recipients of entertainment, but had to create their own. Before computers, before movies, television, radio.

As I watched several audience members with their faces deep in their iPhones, I laughed at myself as my Pleasantville fantasy quickly dissolved. But it did give me an idea for a writing prompt. The Playboys belted out Fat Boy Rag as I packed up to leave, and a hazy sunset reminded me that I love where I live.

sunset, June 26 2013, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma image by kristin nador

Where did your creativity take you this week?

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Write Anywhere #64

IMG_1329This week’s Write Anywhere should have been posted last week. I had a minor surgery on my right arm, and I was too lazy to try to type and load this post solely with my left hand. It’s healing fine. Please forgive the delay.


I love getting around creative people. They don’t have to be writers like me, any type of creative pursuit inspires. I may not have the talent or skill to paint, sculpt, sing, build, sew, or act, but I have to admire those that allow their creative selves an outlet. My town provided an outlet for those willing to brave the heat, and their fellow citizens critique, and it didn’t fail in its ability to inspire.

Write Anywhere #64: Chalk Art Festival

Chalk Art Festival 2013, Broken Arrow, OK image by kristin nador

Chalk Art Festival 2013, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Perfect weather cheered the heart after weeks of tornado outbreaks at the ‘Chalk It Up’ Art Festival in the downtown Rose District of Broken Arrow, and let would-be artists of all ages create their masterpieces along the pavement on Main Street.

listen to the music...

listen to the music…

The acoustic strains of ‘Mr. Bojangles’ from a local band wafted down the street while the crowds watched the chalk art appear. An inordinate amount of funny-looking little dogs pulled their owners along on leashes, and neighbors visited together while waiting in line to place their ballot for their favorite chalk art.

Chalk Art Festival 2013 Broken Arrow Oklahoma chalk artists image by kristin nador

Chalk, there is much…

Chalk Art Festival 2013 Broken Arrow Oklahoma image by kristin nador

art imitating art

Chalk Art Festival 2013 Broken Arrow Oklahoma image by kristin nador

The thirsty clamored for cold bottles of Jarritos from a cooler in front of the Mexican restaurant and kids clamored for balloon animals.

DSCN6055 DSCN6053 DSCN6054 DSCN6047 DSCN6049

Street performers did their best to entertain, but the focus was the chalk art.

Despite the transitory nature of their creations, the artists put all their effort into their pieces. It reminded me about the temporary nature of writing, those bits and pieces, beautiful words and ideas that can float through our minds and wash away, like chalk in the rain, if we don’t capture them in the moment.

I try to keep as many idea ‘buckets’ around as possible: notebooks, phone apps, voice recorder, and pocket Moleskines, but more ideas escape me than I care to admit. The chalk artists inspire us to embrace the moment, and be brave enough to let those ethereal bits go without regret. Maybe they come back when we make a habit to embrace creativity, both ours and others.

Where did you write this week?

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