Write Anywhere #78: Kentucky Horse Park

I’ve discovered some things since moving to Kentucky. They call it bluegrass, but the pastures of Kentucky are bright green. A hot brown sandwich tastes pretty good considering it’s the bottom of a turkey sandwich with a pile of gooey stuff plopped on top. Drive-thru liquor stores are open on Sunday. And two things folks in the Lexington area are very serious about: Wildcats (college humans of the athletic variety) and Horses (large animals of the fast variety).

When some Tulsa friends stopped for a visit while traveling, they mentioned they might like to see some of the famous Kentucky thoroughbreds. I don’t usually think of myself as a horse person, but thought it would make an interesting outing, nonetheless. We were happy to include them on a trip only ten minutes from our home to a place full of horses and history.

Write Anywhere #78: Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky Horse Park

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An Animal Rescue Christmas Challenge

"A Meowy Christmas To You!"

Two weeks ago I posted about a new member of our family and asked for help with a name. Here’s the update. The cat we adopted from the local animal shelter ended up surprising us. When I took her to the vet, she ended up being a HIM, albeit a neutered him. So I had to rethink all the name choices I was knocking around. I decided to get to know the kitty a bit and his name would make itself known.

We discovered he is a watch cat and likes to patrol the perimeters of the house. He’s at the scene of the crime of any unknown noise. He enjoys investigating new areas and when you add the nose factor, the name became obvious: I’d like to introduce you to…


Pinkerton wishes you the happiest holiday season

This is the season of generosity, and Pinkerton would like you to keep in mind not only the people who are less fortunate, but the many animals who are less fortunate as well. Animal shelters and rescue groups are crowded with cats and dogs, especially in this economic downturn. When people lose their homes, they often have to give up their pets. There are lots of pets that would love a new forever home. Maybe you aren’t able to adopt an animal at this time. You can still help. Here are a few easy ways to help dogs and cats this Christmas:

  • Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue group. A few hours a week or month can make a difference to a lonely animal.
  • Donate money to your local Humane Society or ASPCA.
  • Purchase things like cleaning supplies, dog and cat food, litter, flea medications and office supplies while you’re out shopping and drop them by your local shelter. Call ahead and find out their highest priority needs within your budget.
  • Spay or neuter your pet. Many communities have vet clinics that can help with the cost and you can make a difference for animal overpopulation.

Here’s how Pinkerton and I are going to pay it forward. For every comment in today’s post up to 30 comments, I’ll donate $3 to my local cat rescue, StreetCats of Tulsa. I’ve had personal contact with this group and they do a great job of helping cats find forever homes, including many with special needs. So let’s make Pinkerton smile this Christmas and remember the critters, too. Spread the word and let’s get some comments going!

Special thanks to Seth Leonard for giving me the inspiration to come up with this idea. Give him some blog love and check out sethleonard – he has great advice about making your web presence the best it can be.

Question: Did you have a pet as a child? Tell us about him/her!