Write Anywhere 083: Montana Mountains

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

Do you ever wish you could get away from it all?

One of this year’s many challenges has been to keep on task with my Write Anywhere goals of finding interesting and inspiring places to stir up my writing creativity. Finances, Keeper Hubby’s health, as well as my own aches and pains, have kept me home at times when I would have liked to go out exploring new spots and practicing my writing and photography skills.

I love the challenge of going other places for two reasons: it helps me be present and focused by making specific times for creativity, and it helps me push down the symptoms of panic disorder that would prefer me to lock myself away. Sometimes that’s hard to deal with, but my creative voice is more valuable to me than the discomfort I deal with when I make myself vulnerable by getting out in public venues.

I didn’t expect the situation to change much through this year and had resigned myself to that fact with more than a hint of frustration. But at the end of fall sweet Hubby made it possible for me to take a much-needed caregiver’s break to explore a fascinating place with some of my favorite people. Continue reading

Happy Little Trees: The Bob Ross Guide To Getting Your Creative Groove On

The North Side of Hook Mountain, Sanford Gifford, 1867, public domain

The North Side of Hook Mountain, Sanford Gifford, 1867, public domain

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

I ran into Bob Ross about 1990, while mothering three kiddos under the age of five. We spent a lot of time on Sesame Street, at The Electric Company and under the Reading Rainbow. In the midst of all our PBS intake, Bob Ross’s show “The Joy of Painting” was a happy little respite. I wasn’t a painter, but I loved watching the show. Bob’s soothing voice and lush enthusiasm for painting calmed my harried soul. I never did any painting, but I created masterpieces vicariously through Bob and his happy little trees.

Fast forward twenty-plus years when I ran into Bob again, on of all things, a YouTube video. Have you seen this?

It’s a lovely video that auto-tunes scenes from “The Joy of Painting”. But it’s actually more than that. It’s like a creative manifesto set to music:

I believe every day’s a good day when you paint

I believe it will bring a lot of good thoughts to your heart

There are no limits here

Start out by believing here (in your mind)

All you have to do is practice

This is your world

You’re the creator

Find freedom on this canvas

Believe that you can do it, cause you can do it


Let it flow

Think like water

We don’t make mistakes just happy accidents

You can do anything that you want to do, total power


You can apply what Bob says to writing or any creative pursuit.

Believe every day’s a good day when you write. All you have to do is practice. There are no limits. Relax. Let the words flow. The story is your world, you’re the creator. Find freedom on the page. Believe that you can do it, cause you can do it.

Go create worlds. Pursue your passion like Bob Ross did. You can do it.

Question: Do you have a creative manifesto? What phrases or mantras would you include? Share in the comments.

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